Friday, November 8, 2013

Post dated entry: Happy Birthday Opah!!! :)

Funny kids - Some were smiling, some were not ready for the camera and looked soooo serious, Haikal was enjoying his chicken wing, Mamat was outside looking in and tried to scare other people, Nurin was admiring Opah, Ibrahim was staring at Nabilah and Ilyas (yes, will become a father real soon, In Syaa Allah) :P, and Amir was singing to the National Anthem... My family! :))

Happy Birthday Opah.. :)

These pics were taken last Saturday, when we (initiate by Farah :P) decided to celebrate my mom's birthday, by coming up with a BBQ birthday party for her.. :))

As always, my mom looked so calm, but deep inside she was one excited birthday girl.. :))) With her grandchildren of more than 10, less than 20 with her on that day (yes she has 36 now) :P, she happily blew the candles of her 2 delicious birthday cakes, thanks to Farah! :))))

Dear mak, 

I love you with all my heart! With you, i don't have to let everything out, you simply understand me.. Love you mak! Happy Birthday again!

P/s: Thanks dad for that delicious home- made mashed potato.. Everyone loved it! Siap ada repeat order..
Thaks guys! Hahahaha..
 Among the 'Orang Kuat' on that day.. :))

 Hessa was helping preparing everyone some burgers, but none was served.. :P

I am so in love with this cardigan + hijab.. LOVE2!! :)) Nak order? :))

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