Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pia is here! :))

On school break activities.. :))

Pia is my niece, who came all the way from Kedah.. Since my sister and her office mates went to Korea for holiday, and this girl finds I- City to be much more interesting, she decided to stay here, rather than follow her parents.. Hehehe.. Pia.. Pia.. :P

So, my sister asked me to plan something for her, and visiting I- City is one of things in her list.. :P So yeah, after putting on my "Mastermind" Cap, i have few things that i may want to include her in.. Well, let's start with a DIY Tiara first, shall we?? :P

Hahaha, since i have a lot of these at home, i guess for starter, she might gave me 3-4 star for EFFORT.. Hehehe.. :P

Short, cool getaway! :))

Goal Coast Morib.. :))

It was a great trip for sure, to be able to let the kids, oops sorry, Aidan (since Hessa not really keen to join the rest in the pool) enjoy some fun/ splish splash in the water with his cousins.. :)) He surely had an awesome time there.. When his cousin asked "Aidan nak main apa?" He quickly said "Main pool, and slides!!".. Yes, how he just love Water Slides.. :)

As for Hessa, she cracked me up after few minutes being with us in the pool, saying "Adik tak nak mati.. " Hahahaha.. How funny, and scary at the same time, to hear that.. So daddy decided to stay with Hessa, and let us enjoy our time there.. Farah, Fatin, Sha Sha and Mian, we were just like kids again.. How fun it was.. :)) Thanks.. :))

How to seal the day?? With Chicken Rice and a Karaoke session ofcoz!! Hehehehe.. Terbaekkk!

Peace ya'llll!!

Group shot!! :)

Mummy will catch you, anak mummy!! :)

Uncle Amar, mummy is "meNYUMBANGkan lagu, and meMECAHkan rekod!!" Hahahaha.. :P

Monday, May 20, 2013

How cute are these??? :)))

Sorry yer, Abang tak tahan nak pegi toilet.. Hehehe.. :P

More Arts and Crafts form us.. *Addicted! :P

Hessa as an Elephant.. Mummy's cute JUMBO! :)

Aidan as a Fox.. He claimed he was just like Swiper, the character in Dora.. :P

What we did on Friday night..

We LOVE "Meowwww-inggg" at home.. :P

Conversation between a mother and her son, that only THE mother and THE son understand:

Mummy called Aidan who was at Opah's:

Mummy : Hello?
Aidan : He knew it was me, and went "Meowww?"
Mummy : (smiling alone, oh, it's my son) Meowww!!
Aidan : Meowww meowww, meoww meoww meowww meowwww...
Mummy : Meow.. meow??
Aidan : Meowwwwwww... Meow meow, meow meow fish??? (ohhh, he was asking about his new toy, fish)
Mummy : Meow meow, fish?? Meow dad's car! (Hahahaha.. yes, we brought it along that morning, perhaps daddy forgot to bring it inside Opah's house)
Aidan : Alaaaaaa, meow meow meow meowwww!
Mummy : Hahahaha, meow meow meow..
Aidan : Meowww meoww meowwww, work?? (mummy work?)
Mummy : Meoww meowww meowww, see u!! (yes i am, see you!!

Mummy : Bye Aidan
Aidan : Bye mummy!!

Hahahahahaha, my funny funny little guy!!

Art and Crafts on Kitty Slipper.. :))

Kekekeke.. Funny lil guy!! :P

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Teachers day!!

To all teachers!

Happy Teachers Day to all teachers out there..
Everyday you will make a difference in someone's life, and for the rest of that person's life, you will be remembered.. - Mr. Nasrudin Hussain is one of them!! Happy Teachers Day, cikgu!!! :)))
Sensei Hanim, I am so sure that Aidan would remember you when she sees you again.. Thanks so much for everything.. Aidan will be entering his kindy next year! :) How time flies.. :))
Thank you all!! :))

To Tokma, from Cucu2.. :)

Pavlova for Tokma! :)


Happy Mother's day again to you..

Please stay strong, and just to let you know that we will be praying for you, each day, and may Allah ease everything..

Opah, opah, ni untuk Opah!! :)

Something for Opah.. :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Motherhood is simply awesome with you.. :))

Mi familia! :)

Yes it is!

But ofcoz there are days that i feel like i need to just walk into my room, shut the door and give myself 10- 15 minutes, yeah again, just for myself..  Especially when both of my kiddos find interest in/at one thing, and dua2 tak nak mengalah.. Hehehe.. 

Bab menangis for attention, is not a new thing for me, and sometimes both of them cry for no valid reasons.. Well, asam garam jadi a mother, is like that.. We just have to deal with everything when it comes to kids.. I am learning too from you kids, and most of them is to learn to be patient! :P

Other than that, i truly enjoy my Motherhood.. :)

Thanks to you!! :))

Happy Mother's Day Mak, Mama and all mothers in the world.. :)

I love you Mak, with all my heart.. You are simply the best! :)

I love you!!

Pancake for Opah, made by my kids.. Flower Power!! :)

Me and my siblings.. Wishing my mom a Happy Mother's Day, and may Allah SWT grant you Jannah.. In Syaa Allah.. :)

Wishing my Mother - In - Law, Happy Mother's Day and not one day i miss to pray for you too.. I got my MIL mini Pavlova from Mangotouch Delight! I shall upload and blog about it later.. :)


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Chocolate coated apple.. :)

With mixed fruits and peanuts, and also Aidan's fav cereal.. :)

One Saturday morning..

Saturday morning was awesome, to have my boy in the kitchen with me, helping out with our new project.. Our Chocolate coated apple.. :)
Hessa came later, and amazed to see what we just did! She went "Wow, mummy.. Adik punya??".. Errrk!! Yes, ofcoz baby mummy!! :)) Hehehe..
Awesome blossom!!!

Pepared your ingredients accordingly.. Melt the chocolate let it be for a while before coating.. :)

Use what you love best for coating.. Aidan picked his fav, colorful cereal.. :)

Tadaaaaa!!!! :))) Cute and yummy too!!! :))

My Minnie Mouse.. :))) One excited girl.. :)


Friday, May 3, 2013

What i got for Wawito! :)

Wawa and her Art Crafts.. Tiba2 ada baby Ilyas with his COOL Fishy2 Shades.. Amboi! :P

She loves them, i can see that.. :))

Dear Wawa,

It's good to know that we (Achu, Hessa, Nurin and Wawa) share the same interest, and that we love Arts and Art Crafts so much.. :)) Happy Achu to know that you love the Art Crafts i got for you.. :))

Nanti Achu create 1 session lagi for Wawa and others kay?? Perhaps we can do some BIG projects together? By the way, Mother's Day is coming.. Any projects for Mama?? :))

Post it via FB kay?? Letters also can.. Macam surat Wawa to Cheche ke.. Hehehe.. :P

Thursday, May 2, 2013

On Minecraft!

Macam station minyak pun ada.. Kekeke.. :P Teringat kedai Mesra kot nih.. Hahaha.. Asyik2 "Nak beli kedai..".. :P

Yes, on Minecraft!

I was blown away this morning, after daddy showed me what my son was up to everytime he had his Ipod with him.. My goodnes!! "Are you sure it's not you who did this??" Showing him back what i just saw.. "Seriously, that's him!"..

Well, Aidan has this thing towards activities yang involve buildings, like blocks, lego and whatever he feels like using when he wants to build himself, "Aidan's castle!".. So, i was a proud mom for 2 seconds just now, smiling at him, as he showed me where he built the staircases, and siap with pokok, fountains look-a - like and what not.. Such a very logic landscape too.. Ofcoz there are few buildings that i had no idea where they would lead us, like asyik2 pusing tempat yang sama, but what do u expect from a 3 1/2 year old boy? I expect just a house, not the whole island! Hehehe.. Do not underestimate what their mind can do or can even think.. How wonderful it works.. Masya Allah.. :))

And sometimes when he build something he would ask us to give this WOW expressions.. We have to say this, "Wowwwww, NICE!! Good job Aidan".. If not, he would keep on asking what we think of his work.. Hehehe.. :P

Yes, i am not a big fan of Ipod, i mean, for him ofcoz.. So, i would blame his dad for introducing this to him.. Hahahahaha.. Well, there are few times that i am afraid that he would put so much attention to his Ipod, that he would lose his focus, and whenever we say something to him, we just have to repeat ourselves, and being a mummy, i just don't prefer the idea so much.. So, mummy would turn into a hulk after 2 times asking or saying about the same thing.. Huhuhu..

Well, there are Pros and Cons perhaps of this Ipod thingy.. I don't mind so much on Minecraft actually, but he is soooo into Mario and Super Sonic! Hmmmm.. Guess what, his birthday cake also would be Mario, Super Sonic.. Yer, dah tukar pulak! :P Kekeke..


Friday, dating, groceries, house chores, kids! :)

That's how i am gonna sum up my day today (after work ofcoz).. :))

And tomorrow shall be a new day, with more excitement with my kids!

We gonna make something special.. :))

A great combination of Chocolate + Fruits + Covered with Peanuts!!

We have no idea what to name it, so we gonna put it as "Chocolate Fruits Covered With Peanuts"!!

Hahahaha..!!! :P

P/s: dating with anak2 sedara is officially ON!!! :))

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

More and more chocolate eggs with SURPRISES!! Thanks dad!!

Our daddy went to Jakarta, and he bought us these.. :))

Water Balloon Fight!

Warming up in the morning before their water balloon fight session.. Run anak mummy, run!! :)

Kids loving this!!

What a great way to celebrate Labour Day, my 1 day- off from work! We celebrated it with a Water Balloon Fight session at home! Yup, kids woke up, and asked for their weekend's morning activity.. Kalau weekends mesti nak masak2 ker, arts ker, and what not, but this time, since they knew i bought them some water balloons, they insisted for some outdoor activities.. Jom! :)

Yes, it was great to see them experience something new each week, and that priceless smile, and giggle, plus laughter.. oh my.. :))) Aidan even came up to me and said "Thank you, mummy.. Aidan suka balloon ni pecah!" Hehehe.. "No worries, dear".. :)) Luar rumah, boleh.. Not inside the house.. :)

So, yes, that's how we spent our Wednesday morning, before we headed to KJ.. :)))

I couldn't take that many photos as i,  myself went running here and there to 'safe my life'.. As what Aidan said.. Zombie dataang with water balloons!! Wahhhh!!.. Hmmm.. :P

Happy Labour Day Celebration.. :P