Saturday, March 29, 2014

Aidan's 1st day at Q- Dees..

Aidan and teacher Vijay..

Let's just start with Aidan's First Day at Q- Dees.. (This entry was written last month :P)

Yes, he went to Nuh's Ark last year for a month, and not liking it that much.. So we surrendered.. But, i have told him that, like it or not, January 2014, he needed to attend his real kindy/school.. 

We chose Q- Dees as i heard and witnessed a lot of great things from it.. Not that we did not consider Q- Dees last year, but since last year we actually wanted a day care, and since it was in October/ November like that, we decided to pick Nuh's Ark which is closest to my sisters.. It didn;t work out well at all..

Here in Q-dees, his teacher, Vijay also taught his cousins, Wawa and Nurin, and the teachers even know my sister, "Makngah" who picked up Nurin when she was there.. So, i am much more confident with the environment and also the teachers.. It is very important for us to get the right feeling each day when we send our kids to school.. Here, i feel one, so let's just cross our fingers and pray for the best.. 

Now, it is already a month for my boy, and Alhamdulillah, i just love the whole progress and achievements.. Well, for me, small progress is also an achievement not to be ignored, and constant praises might boost his confident and self- esteem.. With Aidan, it can be easy one day and a battle field for both of us the next day.. Not that he hesitated or refused to go to school (that part is over, he knows his routine already, thank God!), but when it comes to "Homework".. When Aidan refuses to sleep in the evening, he might not be able to focus on his homework at night, claiming that he feels cold and also sleepy (1-2 times, he closed his eyes while doing his math!) :P.. But when he sleeps in the evening and feeling oh so fresh at night, he can do his homework easily, sometimes without having me to be there to monitor.. 

If this entry happens to be a testimonial for mothers out there, please take note that Q-Dees has a very effective learning/ reading system, and kids easily able to read and recognize the words.. As parents, we just need to constantly support the whole thing like going through what they have learned at school earlier.. I bet all mothers want to be part of this whole learning experience..:) But at home, we injected few other learning methods that Aidan used too since he was just an infant, and proven to be effective as well.. Well, we know our kids even more, right? :)) 

So, this is some pictures of his first day at Kindy and also a video of him, doing his homework and also reading.. Please take note that this is for his record, and so if you happen to watch the video and feels bored since it is long, (hehehe) please feel free to exit as this is for Aidan to watch back and witness how long i need to seat there with him, while he is playing (ada jer cerita nak bagitau) in the middle of finishing his work! :P

Friday, November 8, 2013

Post dated entry: Happy Birthday Opah!!! :)

Funny kids - Some were smiling, some were not ready for the camera and looked soooo serious, Haikal was enjoying his chicken wing, Mamat was outside looking in and tried to scare other people, Nurin was admiring Opah, Ibrahim was staring at Nabilah and Ilyas (yes, will become a father real soon, In Syaa Allah) :P, and Amir was singing to the National Anthem... My family! :))

Happy Birthday Opah.. :)

These pics were taken last Saturday, when we (initiate by Farah :P) decided to celebrate my mom's birthday, by coming up with a BBQ birthday party for her.. :))

As always, my mom looked so calm, but deep inside she was one excited birthday girl.. :))) With her grandchildren of more than 10, less than 20 with her on that day (yes she has 36 now) :P, she happily blew the candles of her 2 delicious birthday cakes, thanks to Farah! :))))

Dear mak, 

I love you with all my heart! With you, i don't have to let everything out, you simply understand me.. Love you mak! Happy Birthday again!

P/s: Thanks dad for that delicious home- made mashed potato.. Everyone loved it! Siap ada repeat order..
Thaks guys! Hahahaha..
 Among the 'Orang Kuat' on that day.. :))

 Hessa was helping preparing everyone some burgers, but none was served.. :P

I am so in love with this cardigan + hijab.. LOVE2!! :)) Nak order? :))

Thursday, November 7, 2013

This is soooo FUNNY..

How they spent their Friday at Makngah's.. :)


Atyn PM me and posted this picture of MY lil- not- so- lil- girl anymore!!

Thought kena ikat sebab suka memanjat, even dalam kete.. Hahaha.. Rupa2nya she was interested with it, and kept on asking Atyn "Ni apa??" :P

Ohhh, rindu! :)

 Aidan with Mian.. Love this pic, Atyn!

 And later, Mian kacau adek tido.. Hehehehe.. Comel!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Have a great week, guys! :))

Live, Laugh, Love..

 A lot to update.. :)

Hi!! I'm back!!

Yes, i was not in the mood to update anything at all, when i got to know that my lil one had viral skin infection which at first i thought was chickenpox.. :( Alhamdulillah, she is recovering well.. Berkat doa, support from the family ( thank you so much, guys! May Allah bless you with great life ) all the advices, care and solutions to Hessa's skin condition.. Thank you..

Well, as a mother of a (sensitive skin) girl, i think it's good for me to share my experience, just in case i have fellow readers who is dealing with the same challenge.. In my next entry, ofcoz! :) Okie dokie.. :))

Aaaahhhh, it's nice to be back.. :))

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Aidil Adha 2013..

My mom and I.. :)

My strong.. strong.. strong girl..

Speedy recovery please.. Oh, please..

Happy Birthday Amjad, Haikal and Aidan!! :))

Mario in the house!!

Our home - made Mario cake.. Cute tak?? :P

Super Mario and Friends..

My small, simple and sweet Birthday Party for my loved ones..

Venue : Opah's
Date : 13.10.2013
Pictures courtesy of Mad Thai @ Technica Photography..

Monday, October 7, 2013

Yearly Family Activity - Anak Cucu Ahmad Family Gathering/ Tournament is back!!

 With SOME of Anak Cucu Ahmad, last year.. :) I just can't wait for this weekend!! :))) Go go ORANGE TEAM!!! :P Will blog about it next week!! :P

Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Mr Tan!! :))


With Mr Tan, colleagues and our new comer, Diyana.. :))

Collage by her.. Thanks dear..