Saturday, August 31, 2013

Light and Refreshing.. My September lil project! :)

Body Flush and Detox Drinks.. :)

1 Cucumber
1 Lemon
1 or 2 Oranges
2 Limes
1 bunch of Mint
Slice them all and divide the ingredients between 24 oz water bottles and fill them up with filtered water. Drink daily. Not only does this taste delicious and detox, but it also counts toward your daily water intake..
Yummy!! :)))


Friday, August 30, 2013

Aidan's first day @ school.. #Kindy

 School Life.. :)

Let me blog about it..

Starting this entry with "We miss you, Gee!!".. hehe.. The kids nanny for a year and a half, and she got to go back to Indonesia, and perhaps will be coming back in October, In Syaa Allah.. :)

My dear sister, Kak Aisyah suggested to look after Hessa when we told her about our intentions to send both to kindy.. I was so thankful to hear that, since i really think that it is too early to send Hessa there.. As for Aidan, it would be better for him, as if we sent him over to his Makngah's as well, he would have disturbed or interrupted Imran (his cousin) who is now, focusing on his upcoming PMR exam.. So we picked full day program for him.. From 8.30am - 5.30pm.. But ofcoz no class in the afternoon, so more to nursery/ playtime.. :)

However, we chose the kindergarten closest to our family (just in case).. The day before his first ever class, we brought him to buy his own stationery and he was one excited boy for sure! He put everything into his backpack, took them out and put back in like 100 times.. Hehehe.. As a very excited/ kiasu mom, i myself prepared everything the night before, and was planning this and that for him.. Hahaha..

So the day came:

DAY 1:

Aidan arrived at his kindy, feeling so happy.. He went straight to play slides with few other kids.. I told him that i would pick him up in the evening, and he said 'Yes!' So, my heart too said 'Yes! No drama!'.. But i felt that too early i supposed.. At 3 pm, daddy called me up saying he already picked his son up, and i went "Why?".. Ok, i got to know Aidan was crying for us, and when he saw his daddy, he asked to follow him back.. So, day 1, he could only bear it up until 2 pm.. The principal told me that it wasn't a great move for us to send him FULL day on his First Day, as he was stressed out.. He was up for it up until 12.30pm and when the half day kids went home, he was waiting for his ride, and none came for him, so he was a little bit sad, and scared and overwhelmed.. So, Day 1, OK lah.. :)

DAY 2:

This was the day that we were really tested with his crying and excuses.. At one point, i hold him gently, but he cried saying 'Sakit!' just to get him an MC for that day, i supposed.. I told him this and that but nothing worked.. So we decided to send him there anyway.. At around 10 am, my sister called me, saying she had picked Aidan up from school.. I got to know that Aidan cried alone at 1 corner, and my sister was observing from a far.. My sister couldn't take it anymore and walked closer to him, and when he saw her, he ran towards my sister and insisted to go home with her.. So he went back safely to his Anjang's and later to Makngah's.. Day 2, WHY anak mummy??

DAY 3:

Daddy went to talk to his principal, and he asked for her support to help Aidan to get use with the new environment.. Sp, the next morning, I decided to join him for a little while.. I showed him this and that, introduced him to some friends, and later i slowly left him alone with the principal.. I went to the office, and called the principal.. I had this mixed feelings that only a mother would understand.. I got to know he was doing ok, and that he was eating, and waiting for his aunty to fetch him.. Yes, 3rd day, we decided to go for half day (for now), perhaps until he feels comfortable with the place.. Anjang came and fetched him, got to know he didn't cry at all.. Day 3, Good! :)

DAY 4 -7

Daddy sent Aidan, and picked up as usual at 12.30pm.. He would cry in the morning whenever he saw his school, and sometimes kept on insisting not to go to school.. he would say 'Pegi school tomorrow, tido dulu' every single day.. So, i told hubby "hati kena kering" and he sent and picked as usual.. But daddy being daddy, always contemplating on this and that.. He sometimes looked worried sick over his son.. Kesian.. :(


Raya Day.. Happy! :)) 

Yes, all in all, he has been with the kindergarten for a week now.. I hope this crying phase will end soon.. :)

Oh please!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Aidan's first Merdeka- Raya celebration @ school!


Merdeka Raya!!

I am so happy today that this morning, Aidan looked extremely excited to join his friends @ school for Merdeka Raya Celebration, although masa di rumah he kept on saying 'Pegi school tomorrow jer'.. :) Today, all of them wore their best baju melayu and kurungs, and looked super cute to celebrate it together.. Each brought some food from home (potluck style), and i came up with Mac'n'Cheese and fries for them..Woke up early this morning for sure.. Hehehe.. :)

I just noticed that i did not post Aidan's first day of school here, and i shall do it later.. Yes, i am super busy at the moment, as i am now handling extra tasks at the office.. :) Alhamdulillah.. Still coping though.. :) These are the pictures i took this morning, when i sent him over to school.. My boy, big boy now.. :))

Look at their faces.. One is not sure whether to get excited or not (since at first, he decided to go to school 'tomorrow', and yes, here, everyday he would say 'go to school tomorrow', meaning not today la mummy) hehehe.. And my princess with her pose! Expensive one.. Kekeke.. :P

 I put the food i prepared in this paper bag (:P), and later daddy asked me to write Aidan's name.. So, this little fella demanded for the pen, and decided to write down himself.. So i spelled it out, and he wrote it down.. :))

 See, he was looking outside for his friends and super excited for Raya.. :))

At the age of 3 years and 11 months old.. Yes, my son's "doctor's" handwriting.. Yes, a lot to improve, but baby, there's no competition at all.. I am happy and glad that i can still read it.. Kekeke.. :P Hello Doc! :P

Aidan and his fellow friends.. Yesterday, i asked him to name his friends at his school.. He told me he has a friend.. I asked him the name, and he went "Zahilllll".. Okay, to all his aunties and cousins, you know who he was referring to kan?? And he smiled ala2 malu when i teased him on this.. :P

And girlfriends.. :)))

Love you anak mummy! :))

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mayio Minecweft!


On Khalif.. My Khalif..

Aidan is using this app whereby you just speak out where you want Youtube to lead you.. Before this daddy helped, saying 'Mario Minecraft' and it worked.. Just now he came to seek for my help, and i told him to do it himself.. He said 'Cannot la mummy, Dah twy'.. So i asked him to do it right infront of me.. He confidently said "Maiyo Minecweft"!! Result went 'Not able to detect'.. Kekeke.. Patutlah!!!

Laksa for me.. Thanks Kak Normi!

She is beautifully pregnant now.. Yes, twins are on the way.. In Syaa Allah.. :)))

My dearest neighbour, Kak Normi..

Her laksa is superb!! So when she rushingly came out to invite us for lunch, and we were actually about to leave for Pejul's wedding, we just had to cancel postpone it to early dinner.. :)) Yes, there's no way that i would say 'No' to laksa.. Tihihi.. Yesterday's wedding pun served laksa, and i had 2 bowls for myself.. Kekeke..

So, thank you kakak ku sayang.. Sayang akak.. :))

Aidilfitri at Makn'jang's.. :))

With the hosts, and Pakcik Langkawi.. :))


Just now we went to Makn'jang's for Aidilfitri family gathering, and to bid Kak Sharmina and family good bye as they are going back to England next week.. It's good to see them, and some of Kedah's family members..
Thank you so much for having us Makn'jang! Got to meet up with Kak Sharmina, Simon and family.. Brought the kids few DIY kits as gifts as Kak Sharmina said in England, they prefer to do it from scratch.. She loved them.. Kak Adik and family, Pakcik and Uncle Johnny, Paklong and Maklong, Kak Lisa, sister in law and family, Maksu Ah and Paksu and ofcoz the hosts.. :))
Meriah!! See you guys again next year!! :)))


 Dad . Mak'njang . Pak'njang . Me and Tess . Pakcik

 Dad . Me and baby Eva Rose . Uncle Johnny . Simon . Kak Sharmina

 Me . Kak Lisa . Kak Sharmina . Pakcik

 Me . Kak Zurin

Me . Kak Adik

Wedding.. wedding.. wedding.. :))

At Restaurant Zam Zam, Seksyen 9 Shah Alam.. :)

This time it's Pejul's!! Congrats again!! :)))

Pejul is my friend, and lepak buddy at Pak Li's last time.. Shazrul and him are just 2 funny guys that i have ever met, and it's good to be part of his BIG day, although datang, makan and balik.. Kekeke.. :))
Happy for you and Zarith.. Congrats again!
After that, we went to my MIL's for a visit before heading to Mak'njang's for Aidilfitri open house/ gathering.. :))


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Aidilfitri @ SPK with fellow neighbours.. :)

Not a happy camper my kicik sorang ni as the fireworks only gave her stress instead of 'Woww!!' She prefers raya songs ya'lllls!! :P

Nuggets and Drummets..

Yup, prepared only these this year.. We had no time to prepare something different for the neighbours.. Sowwy!! Kak Normi, next year we proceed with our plan kay? Pie pie pie!! :))

Kak Tim and Wirda . Happy boy and slides . Blogger friend Eynda . Soto station . Muahahaha


Congratulations Tini and hubby.. :)

Hessa's new hair cut.. No. 3.. Huh! Can't stand with her eczema and garu2 yang tak henti2.. She is not alone for sure, dad! :)

Beautiful wedding of Tini and hubby.. :)

Today, my family, sisters, nieces, nephews and in law went to a bautiful wedding of my sister's sister in law, Tini.. Congrats Tini! It was a combination of sweet, and elegant with a minimal decor that screams 'Simplicity works!'.. :) I just love the settings, food and door gifts.. :)
Tini looked super sweet in her wedding dress made by her own mom cum designer cum Jarumas owner.. Yes, Jarumas, the one that made one of my wedding dresses too.. How lucky she is, and she got hers for free.. Kekeke.. :)
Congrats again Tini.. I am so happy for you!! :)))

 Door gift . My boy Aidan . King and Queen . Sister LOVE

 King and Queen . My flower girl Nurin . Daddy and princess . Everyone LOVE LOVE

 Flower girl Nurin . Ara Jules LOVE . Food galore . Adik Nurin

Mummy . Ara Jules LOVE and princess . King and Queen . Sister and Niece LOVE LOVE