Saturday, March 30, 2013

Messy Art Time!

Kids just loved it! :)

I asked Aidan to paint me PD Beach, and adik, perhaps a garden of flowers..

Their versions ofcoz! Hehehe..



Brought some sushi back home for today's breakfast.. Oshin's style.. :P Can you spot out Hello Kitty sushi? Too cute! :P

Aeon, Jaya Jusco, One Utama.. :)

Pictures taken yesterday when we went out for lunch before heading off to visit Tokma..

It's all about Japanese Culture and....... sushi! :P

A for Aishiteiru.. B for Ball!!
Aishiteiru, Ball!! :P

Friday, March 29, 2013

Saturday with love!

Start our day right! :P

Healthy breakfast!! Bowtie soup for my loved ones!! How cute!

Happy Saturday guys!! :))

Musyrif! :))

Musyrif and Aidan during Aidan's Splish Splash Birthday Party.. :)


Musyrif is my neighbour's son.. Not that Aidan always play with him, but when they see each other, they just have something to say.. :) So, yesterday when we were about to leave for Opah's, Musyrif came out with his new toy, and show it off to Aidan.. :) I heard the conversation they had.. Simply cute!
Musyrif : Aidan, tengok ni..
Aidan : Apa??
Musyrif : Ni.. (sambil tunjuk new toy kat Aidan)
Aidan : Aper tuh? Menan??
Musyrif : Ha ah..
Aidan : Sapa beli??
Musyrif : Mama..
Aidan : Ohhh, beli kat kedai???
Mummy : Hahahaha.. I called out for him.. Too cute!
And he came to me and asked :
Mummy : Sapa tuh?
Actually, this is the way of him asking "What's that kid's name??" Sebab nama Musyrif macam susah plak nak ingat.. So i told him "Musyrif" and he went "Ohhh"..
So he ran out again, and wanted to call out for Musyrif.. But tiba2 terlupa balik.. And he looked at me, smiling.. Then i heard he called out for Musyrif, he went..
Hahahaha!!! :P

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rock Star!

Happy when mummy is not working.. yes, we gotta play together.. today she wants to be a rock star! :P


How i celebrate my birthday this year..

With them!! :))

Thank you all for the great birthday dinner, and thank you daddy for organizing it.. :))
Alhamdulillah, i am blessed to have each and every one of you in my life, and i shall treasure these memories forever.. :))
Yes, you guys got me a Bubba Ice Cream- Cake, and thank God that i didn't have to perform any sorts of weird movements, sing my lungs out or even did the Gangnam Style like Mian.. Hehehe..
Thank you, thank you, thank you again.. :))
And to all my friends (school friends, U friends, and many others), thank you for the great wishes via FB, and PM.. I am so happy today.. So much love, and so much joy to know and have you in my life.. :)) With this, Alhamdulillah..
Praise to you Ya Allah, for giving me the chance and opportunity to still be here, regardless of the ups and downs that life has got to offer me, and i cherish each moment, thinking about nothing but your unconditional love for me.. I am forever thankful for that..
p/s: Thank you again daddy, my babies, Aidan and Hessa for being nothing but pure joy!! I love you guys a lot!! :) Thank you!!

Banawi Studio - Photography

The pictures are here! :)

Yeahhh!! Thank you Abang!! :))
These are SOME of the pics Abang Ibrahim took last Saturday during Hessa's Doc McStuffins Birthday Party! :))
Enjoy viewing guys!! :)
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Finally, she is 16!! :P


Dad : Happy Birthday!

Mummy : Thank you.. *blushing

Dad : Malam ni kita pegi dinner kay?

Mummy : Alaaaa, takper.. Smalam kan dah dinner luar..

Dad : Takper la..

Mummy : Where to?? :P

Dad : Bubba Gump ker..

Mummy : Hmmm *smile and after some time.. "OH NOOOOOO!!" Hehehehe..

Somebody is planning for me to stand on a chair, being tortured by the Bubba's team just to get that NOT SO SMALL, ONE WHOLE, DELICIOUS, YUMMY, ... birthday CAKE!!

Hmmmm, *scratch2.. maybe it's not gonna be that bad after all!! Hahahaha..

NO, KIDDING!! Dad, I'm just kidding.. NO way!!!. :P

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Smile for the camera, Tess!! :)



Kinder Surprise! SURPRISE!!

Thank you Atyn! :))

We saw Kinder Surprise via Youtube, and since Easter is coming, we came across many egg- shaped chocolate, but no signs of Kinder Surprise at all.. Yes, here in Malaysia, we have Kinder Bueno, Kinder Joy with surprise, but not Kinder Surprise..

So, we were so surprised when our dearest Atyn, who just came back from Abu Dhabi brought back these for the kids!! Alaaaa, thank you Atyn!!!!
We love you!! :)


Teaser.. :)

Hessa's Doc McStuffins 2nd Birthday Party! :))

Teasers!! :))

Alhamdulillah, yesterday we got to celebrate Hessa's birthday party, and it was a beautiful family get together for sure.. :)) Held at Opah's as she requested to host for this year's birthday party, and off we went about, planning for the perfect, simple party for little Tess.. :))
The theme for this year is Doc McStuffins!! :)) We loved it!
Thank you to all my family members for coming over and celebrate the party with us.. :)) Nothing much, just a simple makan2 and cake cutting.. :)) Thank you, thank you, thank you.. :))
To Opah, Makngah, Kak Farah, Atyn, Sha2, Mian, Alang, Abang Ibrahim, Kak Aja, Anjang Che Mah, Uncle Asmal, Iman, Aunty Ummi, Omar, Anjang Zahrah, Amjad, Farhati, Pia, Uncle Hadi, Bella, Wawa, Achik Zaliha, Uncle Jo, Haikal and Nurin, thank you so much for the gifts!!! :)) Hessa loves them all!
To Jee, thank you so much for preparing the food aka bihun goreng, Opah for the delicious fruit pudding, Kak Aja for the apple pudding, and yes, Aunty Wirda for Doc McStuffins cake! :)) We had sate too!! Aaaaah, heaven! :))
Wait for Hessa's birthday pics, courtesy of Banawi Studio.. :) Thanks Abang Ibrahim, memang mummy tak pegang camera langsung the other day.. tihihi.. :P
Alhamdulillah.. :))
Happy Birthday again, little Tess! :))
We love you!!

Photos by Ara Jules Jelena Api.. :))
Simple decor by mummy.. Made with love.. Just use what we already have + banner by KAP Media.. :)) Jimat.. :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Promoting Kap. Media

You can see there, P/S: I love my brother, as per requested by Aidan.. Hahahaha.. :P I asked what to put on the banner? I said, "We love adik??", he went "Adik love Aidan!". :P Hehehe..

Yes, this is a promotion for Kap. Media..

For those who wants to order any printable materials, name it banners, posters, cards and all, you may do so at Kap. Media.. Belongs to a friend of a dear friend, hehehe, Norisma, my colleague at KMT.. :)

So Kap. Media has been around for 1 year now, and as a promotion, i dedicate this entry for them.. :P Yes, i have few friends that are into events, Evie, Amie, Kak Ida Yati, and my wedding planner herself, Kak Mawar.. :) I have been introducing customers to some of them, and it is a way for me to support them, indirectly.. :)

And by doing this, sometimes u get free stuff as a token of appreciation.. Hehehe.. Thanks guys! :P So, this is for adik!!!

Happy Birthday Hessa!! :D

Thank you Kap. Media for this lovely banner of Doc McStuffins!! :))))


Back pain..

Set your appointment now.. :))


Today i want to share with you something on health.. :))

Currently i am having this bad back pain.. It is so hard for me to go through my daily routine, without whining about it.. :P Yes, duduk lama2 depan pc kat office pun contribute to this so called back pain..
So one day, i got this msg from Mr Hubby saying that while he googled on this matter, he came across this promotion from a nearby Chiropractic in SACC Shah Alam.. So we decided to meet the doctor for a consultation.. :) Off we went to see her today..
The doctor is a female doctor, Dr. Saher Shahzada.. :) A nice, confident young lady who helped me to determine the cause for this bad back pain.. The overall meet up took about 30-45 minutes, and yes, by appointment ofcoz! :) First i was asked to register, and fill up forms and a set of questionnaires.. Later, i was brought into a room whereby i was greeted by their CEO, and few testimonials from their previous patients.. I got to learn few important knowledge about this.. So, great!
Then, i was brought to see her.. She went through 1 by 1 on this, and asked me to lie down and started pressing my shoulder blades, lower back and all.. Aaaaahhh, so good that i could sleep for sure.. Hahaha.. But this is only the consultation part, and i still need to x-ray, and the next meet up would be for treatment..

So yes, the consultation, 2nd and 3rd meet up are FREE.. :) So, when you feel that it is necessary for you to proceed with another treatment, then only they will bill you.. This is for Family and Friends Appreciation Weeks, and i guess it's good for us, especially those with back pain, to go and have a checkup..
This is why i choose to share it here.. :) Glad that i could make it back to the office on time.. Hahaha.. Yes, i went there during my lunch hour, so those who are working (nearby) may want to set appointment during your lunch break too, as it will not take more than 1 hour to complete this consultation and brief checkup.. :))
Okie dokie.. stay healthy!! *clap and jump!! (okay, i shall clap and jump later *back pain!) :P


Sunday, March 17, 2013

This is the day when i feel like Najwa Latif.. :P

Now, where's my guitar?! :P Kekeke..

Hessa's Birthday Banner Inspired Pants.. :P

Loving it! :))

Meet my Chicas!!

My lovely friends.. How i heart them so so much!! Lynn, Effa, Lina and Feeza!! :)

Hello ladies! :))

Alhamdulillah, today i got to spend my morning with my birthday girl, and since we had car issues, and that adik's party would be on the 30th, we decided to celebrate her with a surprise breakfast only.. Nanti kita celebrate betul2 kay, adik? :)
But then, today i got to see my chicas!! Yeahhh!! Best sangat2!! A lot to catch up.. Masing2 busy now, and with commitments here and there, ofcoz focus and attentions also shifted.. No more lepak2 di Pak Li, no more window shopping like before.. :P Thank you Tokba pinjamkan kete.. :)
We shared almost everything, and not 1 second that we had nothing to say to each other.. Bising satu meja, and the only time yang semua diam was when we were posing for pictures! Hahaha.. Memang geng kitorang suka tangkap gambar! Hahaha.. :)
Thank you so much ladies for the lovely lunch meet up! I shall see ya in 3 weeks time as planned.. Yes! :)) And congratulations my Lina! She is 3 months pregnant and she looked great! Yeepee! :)) Oh how i miss being pregnant! Hehehe.. :P Yes, i truly enjoy my motherhood, truly2 enjoy it! :))

The best part about our meals.. We shared them!! :))

 I just love them to bits!! Sayang.. sayang sangat! :)) Congrats again my dearest Lina.. Can't wait to see your mini you, or mini Hadi.. :)) Yes, she is 3 months pregnant! :))

 Later, birthday girl came and join us! :)) Got her second pressie today! The first one was 'lego-blocks' from Tokba and Tokma.. Thank you!! :)

 And this was the 3rd one.. Adik share ngan mummy!! Dah habis, finished! :P Thank you Aunty Lynn!!
Yes, see ya guys in 3 weeks time! :))

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Birthday breakfast SURPRISED for baby boo!

Happy Birthday Baby Boo!!

What i surprised my birthday baby girl just now.. A pan- CAKE!! :D Our birthday breakfast for her.. :) Nothing much, just a way to celebrate her big day! She is 2 today!! Yeahhh!! Thank you Aidan for the candle! :P Yes, re-used candle.. Hehehe..

Yummehhhhh!! :)))

I wonder why Aidan did not really enjoy our surprise for adik, and later i got to find out that he wanted to go to the "toilet" actually.. Kekekeke.. Sian abang Aidan.. :P

And he redeemed himself with this video.. After shower ofcoz! :P

Happy Birthday adik!!!!

Hessa is 2! :D

Happy Birthday to my dearest baby girl, Nur Anya Hessa..

You are 2 today!! You are my pride and joy, and abang's little baby sister.. We love you dearie! May Allah bless you with His unconditional love, and shower you with great life ahead.. We are definitely in love with you.. :))
Happy Birthday adik!!