Sunday, June 30, 2013

Thank you Aunty Fair!!

Go Diego Go!!

Thank you Aunty Fair,

Kids just love their new bed spread.. They went "Wow!" the minute they saw it.. Mummy had a really high hope for it that she thought we would be sleeping by 9.. Instead we still sleep at 11 or 12! :P

Hehehe.. :P

Thank you Aunty..

Visiting Aunty Fina's family of 3! :)

Congrats Aunty Fina and Uncle Afif.. :)

Sorry i couldn't make it to the hospital last week, since Khairi got something going on that very evening, but it was great to see you at your place, as we got to stay longer, and got to enjoy the presence of your first baby girl together.. :))

I am so happy to know that you love our presents for her.. We got her all the great stuff that a girl could ever want for her room.. :))

Ooh, i even got my bestie Fina something for her to remind of me during her confinement... She went "Ohhh, for mummy (Fina) pun ada ker??" and i present her with...... a pair of socks! Hahahaha.. Cute polka dots with vibrant colors lagi.. Kalau tak ingat, sajer lah kan?? Kekekeke.. :P

I just can't wait to see you guys again, and this time, at my place kay?? Tihihihi.. :P

On the way balik, we decided to bring the kids to the park, whereby ramai sangat pegi sana to for a kite flying, and picnic.. We should go there again, dad.. Perhaps petang2 sikit.. Takder lah berjemur.. :P

Habis dah Saturday.. :P

"Adik nak jadi Tokba.."


One night when we were going through some homework/ tracing activities for both, i decided to proceed with a Puppet Class on 'What do you want to be when you grow up? / Occupation' and it was such a joy to tell them stories of each occupation.. :))

Since we have 10 finger puppets, i told them to take 5 each, and being the older one, Aidan took his first choice, and it was a policeman.. :) Mummy dah agak, sebab policeman looked much more cooler than chef! :P So, Hessa went on, took her first choice of a man in a rope, and he went "Ni Tokba, adik nak jadi Tokba!" Alalala.. :))

Next, it was Aidan's turn to pick his second choice, and he took doctor, but Hessa refused to take hers as she claimed that for her to be Tokba would be enough.. Hehehe.. :) Comel jer anak sorang tuh.. Kekeke..

I went about telling stories of each occupation, and now i come to a conclusion that helping sick people and fighting crimes are the coolest job on earth, or should i say, as claimed by Aidan?? Huhuhu.. :P

Fun time!

Adik with her i-miss-Tokba face.. Kesian.. :)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Nurin! :))

Small surprise for the birthday girl.. :))

May you blossom to be Great, anak yang solehah.. Amin.. :)

Art time with Tokpah! :P

On tracing.. :)

She called my mom, Tokpah.. :) So she has Tokba and Tokpah.. Hehehe..

First Tokpah traced her hand, then she traced Tokpah's..

It reminded me so much of myself, when i was still a girl, i did this with her too.. *Sob3..

Love! :)

It is easier now.. :)

Hessa oh Hessa!

Yes, with her, i just need to follow her pace, on everything.. Well, time Aidan different.. Yes, at his own pace juga, but i can sometimes push and he coped, but for Hessa is different.. Yes, she is special.. :P

But nowadays, it is easier for her to tolerate, and somehow she got to do many things on her own.. She can sometimes wear her own clothes (sometimes terbalik, sometimes tak), shoes, comb her own hair, and to make it short, i think if it requires only cold water to prepare her milk, she would end up waking up at 4 in the morning and fix herself one.. Hehehe.. :P

So i remember what people say about Second Child who is much more independent, observant, brave, and more responsible.. But when she stood up and point that Aidan who spilt the water, when i knew it was her, i guess 'being responsible' is too early for her.. Hehehe.. :P

This is my daughter, brushing her own teeth, after yourstruly did 1 round ofcoz.. She can tolerate only if the second round is hers.. So, Nahh la adik, 2,3, 4 round pun ok! Hehehe.. :P

Love you!

Setia City Park Walkathon - Part 2 :)

More pictures!

Thank you Atyn for informing us all about this, and i am excited for more Walkathon.. Not Jogathon, ya.. I don't think i can run anymore.. Due to my back pain last time, i am no longer fit to run.. Yes, seriously! So, goodbye 'running', i rarely run, but i am so gonna miss you.. Huhuhu.. :P

 Saper nak operate?? Kekeke.. :P

 My first medal.. :)

 We even met Superman, Hulk and Spiderman.. Seriously, no idea why.. Hehehe.. :P

More Walkathon please.. :))

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

She's here, guys!! Lil' princess is here!! :)

Congrats to my darling, Fina.. and Afif!!

Alhamdulillah.. AllahuAkhbar.. :))

Thank you.. thank you Ya Allah, for blessing my dear friend with Your unconditional love! Don't ask me why i am so emotional now.. The road is sometimes bumpy, but you'll get there, In Syaa Allah.. :))

So, taken from my FB:

Welcoming Fina's baby girl with LOVE.. Salam baby, nanti aunty sampai hospital, kay? I love you already baby girl!! Safina Roses Salleh, and Afif Razak, Congratulations!!

No more jalan2 at night after this, ya? Hahaha.. But kalau datang our house, can!! :P Tihihi..

I am so gonna see you guys tonight!! Hope i can make it on time.. :))

Cute!!! Congrats daddy, baba, ayah, abah, walid, pak, bapa etc2.. Hehehe..

Monday, June 24, 2013

Jendela Bali.. The best Coconut Shake in town!

Jendela Bali, Seksyen 7 Shah Alam..

The best Coconut Shake in town! :))


You wanna get the best coconut shake in town, and can't imagine yourself, driving all the way to Malacca for one? Yes, now, you can get one in Seksyen 7 Shah Alam.. :)) Hehehe.. Yes, promoting none other than Jendela Bali, Seksyen 7! Located just like 5 minutes from my mom's.. :))

Our first visit to Jendela Bali was a surprise.. My nieces and i, we decided to just have a drink there.. So we came across this Coconut Shake in the menu, and we saw the price was quite expensive.. It's RM12 per mug, but we decided to try out.. 5 minutes after that, the waiter came and served us our drinks.. MasyaAllah, besarnyer!!! Hahahaha.. Yes, the mug was huge and that we could have ordered for 1 mug only and share right?? But we had no idea that it would turn out even better!! Hehehe..

Delicious!! Yummms!!

Although it was big in size, i still managed to finish it up just before we decided to go home.. Hahaha.. #cravingformore!

Colorful Bawal..

Beautiful "Fawer" (Flower) Bawal..

Thank you! Thank you! :)) #Present

Hessa simply love to sing me "Eppi Dayyu To You, Mummy!!" Hahaha.. Ok, it's not my birthday! :P

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Setia City Park Walkathon 2013!

My first Walkathon medal.. :)) --- and counting?? :)

Teaser.. :)

Will update more pics here, later.. :)

Thanks Far, for this pic via FB.. Love it!! :)) #walaupunjerebu :P

With Shaferl!! :))

My twinnie winnie girlfriend..

Her name is Shaferrihaiza.. :))

Yes, we have so many similarities, and due to this, when we first saw each other during our UiTm days, we just simply clicked! :) Now that she is in Penang, we had no chance to see each other.. Luckily FB is around to make this friendship works.. :))

So last week, she came to KL, and we planned for a meet up.. Yes, it has been 8 years now.. 8 years!! And we haven't changed a bit.. :)) We still have so many things to share, to laugh about, to make fun with, *sigh, how i miss her already! :))

Why i said we are twinnie winnie?? Yes, both of us are from Alor Setar, she was born on the 25th March, and i was born the next day, on the 26th March (same year, should i reveal it here?? :P), ofcoz we share the same Zodiac sign (Aries!), and due to this, our likes and dislikes are very much the same! We love Arts, Fashion, same song, same taste in many things! :))))

I still remember when i first called her (after years not keeping in touch sebab asyik tukar number, and i bumped into her sister, Pinat) and i got to know that she was a mother of a boy, and i was like, me too!!! And i asked her, "What's your son's name??" "She went Carliff!!" Okay, i laughed into tears, and she had no clue until i told her that my son's name is Khalif! Hehehe.. See!

And then i got to know that she was pregnant again, and this time, it was a girl! She quickly shared this info she got on how to determine whether you are carrying a girl or a boy ( not that we believe it, just for fun ofcoz!) When i got pregnant and i did that test, i too got to know that it could be a girl this time! :)) So both of us were expecting girls.. The funny part of all was when she already got her baby girl's name and i got mine.. The day that she shared her baby girl's name, i was like "Jom hentak kepala sekali!" kekeke.. She named her girl, Lissa, and mine is Hessa.. Hehehe.. Almost the same right?? I mean, we truly think alike, that sometimes it is kinda scary! Hehehe.. :P

Yes, that' me and my girlfriend, Haiza.. One strong lady that i admire the most.. :)) You have my love, thoughts and prayers, friend.. :))

Thank you, thank you for coming and meeting me up (although we spent only hours together, and thank God my replacement holiday fell on that Friday itself!) :)) It was great to see you, Haiza!! You looked super stunning as usual.. :)) We had a great time, reviewing clothes during KLFW - KL Fashion Week @ Pavillion.. Hehehe.. :)) Best2!! Tak kering gusi with you! :)))

Please come again, and next time, please bring the kids with you.. :)) Kisses for Carliff and Lissa!! and say Hi to them from my Khalif and Hessa! Hehehe.. :P

Take care and Love you!!

She must be happy that i have to wear flats nowadays, and that she looked taller in this pic.. Kekeke.. #superhighheels :P , Desserts from Ben's, and what a beautiful dress it is!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Aidan's Sleepover at Makngah's.. :))

Excited boy!

Harus simpan 1 di sini for kenangan.. Hehehe..

Di malam hari:

Ohhh, rajinnyer anak ku sorang ni, siapkan tempat tidur sebab sangatlah excited with the idea, sleeping at Makngah's.. Hehehe.. Yes, daddy, mummy and Tess are at my mom's and he decided to sleep with his cousins at Makngah's, especially  with Mian and Atyn, sebab Mian ada Ipad and Atyn ada Iphone.. Hahaha.. :P

Di pagi hari:

Ohhh, letihnya anak ku sorang ni, selepas siapkan tempat tidur smalam, kawan decided to wake up late.. Amboi.. :P

Yes, kurus kan?? Hmmmm.. I am still contemplating nak bagi Aidan diaperless at night.. Siang dah tak pakai but malam hari, mesti pakai although sometimes the next day check diaper, kering jer.. Hmmm.. I guess i am still afraid of the idea nak kena angkat tilam, basuh, jemur and what not bila somebody tu accidently pee.. Huhuhu.. #workingmom! :P

Thank you Makngah and family.. :))

Monday, June 17, 2013

"Posh Cap"

A black rose pin to complete the look.. :) Nice!

My first "Muslimah Attire"-so-called design.. :P

Old ones are new ones now! Yeahhh!

Hehehe.. Thanks ZARA! :P

See, every night, after i attend to some of my house chores, laundry and stuff, i would spend most of my time....... with my kids! Hahaha.. You expect me to say that i would just seat in my room, looking at the cupboard of my old dresses, is it? :P Hehehe.. Mana lah tau, since the title of my entry today is all about fashion.. Hehehe..

Nahhh, i don't have that many dresses to impress.. Most of my clothes now are my old ones, and i just mix and match this with that, or that one with this.. But ofcoz, once in a while i would treat myself for sure.. :) But this entry is gonna be about my latest project, to transform my ZARA midi dress to a lovely kurung top with matching shawl.. :)) Yes, if i can wear it to the office today, i would say, it is a success..
:P Mind you, i did not design the dress, i just transformed it to a kurung top.. Another design ofcoz.. :)

So this morning, i woke up early, and i saw this dress.. Hmmm, actually dah few nights tengok baju2 lama ni, but sayang nak buang, or sayang biar tak terpakai.. Dah banyak bagi kat orang, kawan2 and even the kids babysitter, but ofcoz i keep some yang ada sentimental value or the ones that are not on sale masa beli tuh.. Hehehe.. Sayangnyer.. Sometimes bila kat rumah, i would wear them, and simpan balik.. Hehehe.. Yes, they are not suitable anymore, since i am now berhijab.. :)

I have put aside dresses or tops yang i can still wear, just that i need to be extra creative about it, and this morning, without wasting more time, i put on my Victoria Beckham's cap, took the scissor, needle and threat, a lot of Bismillah, hehehe, i transformed this MIDI dress of mine, into a kurung top.. :) Since it has some design or pattern in front, i have took it out, attached it on top of the dress, and walla, i got myself an attached shawl, with matching pattern.. :)

It is so easy to style it, as since the shawl is attached to the dress, there will be no peek-a-boo at the back of your neck, and what you need is just a 'ninja' inner (why ninja??? sometimes i wonder :P nevermind!).. :)) You can style it as many ways as you like since the shawl is quite long actually.. Love it!

Oh my, i just love this!! Been thinking of coming up with my own design for Muslimah attire.. Ok tak?? :)) 2 friends been asking me to join them, and i am still contemplating.. But perhaps i should give it a try kan? :)) Tengoklah macam mana, i will update you guys soon! :)) Yeahhhh!

My midi dress - BEFORE VERSION.. I use the pattern infront, attached it to the dress and made myself a shawl.. :))

Love it.. Ok tak?? Hehehehe..

Kalau hajat tercapai, tihihi, i will share about my passion soon! :)))

Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Visit To Petrosains.. :)

Hi all,

How was your weekend?

My weekend was great!! Saturday got to hangout with cousin, Fair Mofadz and family, gotta stay at my mom's that night, gotta bring the kids to Petrosains on Sunday, gotta visit in- laws that evening, gotta go back to our own home sweet home, gotta lazying around with kids before bed time, gotta get up early in the morning and off to the office on a bright Monday morning.. :)) Hehehe..

So yesterday, with my loved ones, we took LRT to KLCC in the morning, spent few hours @ Petrosains, went for a quick lunch, and went back.. It felt really quick as when we were in the LRT, we were counting on the stops/ stations until we reached KJ.. We went "9 stops more", and next "5 stops more".. Hehehe.. It was the kids' second LRT ride, and this time, takder lah adegan nak memanjat atau teruja yang tak henti2 tuh.. Hehehe.. Kids also behaved well, since Atyn was around.. :P Yes, Aidan just couldn't get enough of Atyn.. At one point, i asked him sarcastically, Aidan anak saper? Anak mummy or Atyn, and he answered "Anak Atyn!" kekeke, sambil ketawa.. And this morning, in the car, i asked him "Aidan ni anak saper? Betul ker anak Atyn? Anak mummy ker anak Atyn?" and he went "Anak mummy laaaa.." :P Hehehe..

So, here are some of the pics that we took yesterday.. Enjoy!! :P

This is for my readers, who wish to go there, check out the awesome prices first.. :))

Now, where are Farisha and Imran?? "Shy2" students.. :P

 Waiting for our turn to get in the gondola.. :))

Our first stop.. Look at the kids, amazed with "science".. :P

 You gotta try this!! Far, said hubby and i bercintan cintun even in storm.. Hahahaha.. Funny! :P

Hi Amjad!!

Mummy and baby mummy.. :))

 You can see it, but you can't touch it.. :)) Nice!

 Dino, Aidan takuttttt.. :P

This is so funny kan, Atyn.. kekeke.. The power of mind.. :P

Best!!! :))