Sunday, July 28, 2013

Healthy, delicious ones for Iftar..

What i prepared for Iftar - Meatballs with gravy, Mixed vege with Thyme Herbs, and my special menu of Celery with Minced Chicken, coated with Cheese, and Blue Cheese dressing!

Ok, healthy or not?? Hahaha.. Ofcoz!! :))) This is when both hubby and I decided to skip rice for Iftar last night (konon!), and later made some maggi before heading off to bed! Yes, healthy! :P Hahahaha.. :P

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mana- mana pun boleh.. :P

In the car..

Yes, this picture was taken when we were on the way to send me to my office few days ago.. Hessa found this art and craft in my bag, and we decided to try out..

It took like only 5 minutes to do this with her, and by the time i reached the office, it was all done! :) Hessa for sure started her day with something that she loves most! Happy baby! :))

To order, please PM me at Kids Funtime or email us at We have a lot more for you!! :)

Thanks! :)

Thank you Christina! :)

My boss came all the way from Singapore to attend a conference in KL.. And she came down to visit me as well! Oh Christina!! :)

My boss loves me! Hahahaha.. *Perasan! :P

Iftar - Homemade dishes.. :)

Rosemary Chicken.. :)

Chef Khairi in da' house!

Hubby's hobby is actually cooking.. He loves it, especially when he feels like experimenting on new dishes, name it the one he saw online/ tv or simply his own imgination.. :) So last weekend, he made THESE.. I helped ofcoz but everything was determined by him, from the ingredients, the tastes, the looks, everything!

So these are our home- made Rosemary Chicken and Shepherd's Pie.. :) A job well done to daddy for these incredible (chewah! :P) dishes.. They turned out great although we had no chance to taste them, ofcoz! :) Alhamdulillah, everyone loved them! My mom even asked me how our chef prepared the dishes, and i guess we would be having Opah's version real soon.. Hehehe.. :)

To Ara and family, thanks for the Chocolate Biscuit!! Sedap sangat.. :))

I really want 1 more round of this pie this weekend.. Pweshhh dad!! :)

Yums!! This one too.. Please Ara!! :))

Monday, July 15, 2013

It's time for Super Mario!! :) Yes, it's time for planning.. :P

Credit to :

I am one excited mom for my little boy, who is turning 4 in September.. :) He has been talking about his Super Mario Birthday Party like forever! :) From one theme to another, and both of us agree that this is just perfect! :) Well, no color code and all.. Super Mario is all about bright and playful colors!! :) Yeepee!

So looking at most of his stuff at home, and his own Mario Collections, we have started planning on this and that, and it was such a great respond from him when he said this "Nanti Aidan help mummy kemas rumah.. Tapi "takyah" beli balloon, nanti pecah.." Hehehe.. Comel!

Birthday planner cap, ON!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

That Duckling Bag :)

Hessa's Raya Bag?? :P

Look at this cute, cute bag!! This is on our latest DIY Art/Crafts!

Simply adorable, right? Hessa was all excited when he saw the finished product..

Anyone interested? Please visit Kids Funtime via FB! :)

Dah "Manggrib" dah..

Too cute!

Perhaps you should cover yourself up first, dear.. :P Too cute!!!

Hessa tengah sembahyang Subuh, i guess.. :P

Yes, the pics were taken last week.. Whenever Aidan plays the I-Pod and hear the azan daddy installed, he would run to the bathroom and 'amik air semayangg' as claimed by him.. Cute sgt2..

Looking at abang, Hessa would do the same too.. Their own ways ofcoz.. :)

Alhamdulillah.. :)

I think somebody saw this at Opah's.. Nih mesti sebab suka lari2 bila ada yang sembahyang.. :P Aidan put the cushion there sebab adik kept on staring at him during his prayers, like dekat2.. :P
Alhamdulillah, anak2 mummy.. :)

Friday, July 5, 2013


Love this top!

I just love this Batik-look-a-like (at the back ) top..

This is from Almaree.. :))


Rumah Amal Kasih Bestari..

Kennametal Charity Event..

Okay, firstly i would like to mention here that this post is not something for me to boast, show off or what.. Basically, this charity event is one of the KMT events we would like to have every year, starting this year.. Back on what your intention is, and my entry here is to urge all to contribute and to help those in needs through charity..

We chose Rumah Amal Kasih Bestari (please google first and get as much information as possible on the house, so that you can get to know more about the needs, importance and other stuff too).. This house is located in Subang Bestari and they have like 15 kids there.. Most of them are primary school kids, and 2 secondary school girls..

From my findings yesterday, all of them still have their own parents, but they were sent to the house due to poverty.. They are under the guidance of Ustazah Zuraida and her husband- with 2 of their young kids.. The house is quite small for the numbers, but since the kids are still small, it is still manageable, but i think as the kids grow big, they might need to move to a larger house..

I am so happy to be there yesterday, and we even brought a cake to celebrate all KMT's stuff birthday that fell between January to June 2013 this year.. :) So, i am one of the celebrated stuff.. Happy Birthday to me! :P Kekeke..

Okie dokie.. Some of the pics that we took yesterday..

Yes, it was raining heavily when we arrived there.. Look at the pic (right, above), the kids school uniforms were all wet.. Somebody should have ran and brought them in.. Hmmmm.. Below, Ustazah showed us the study area that was also wet, since the area is open area.. But SOME of the books were kept there.. Hmmmm.. A lot of things went through my mind.. Yes, the house is small.. :(

 This is another study area.. You can see the painted wall and more organized book shelf contributed by a group or bloggers.. As i was told.. :)

 After the rain stopped, the kids went on cleaning the area, so that they could do their homework there later.. :(

 Mr Tan played his "daddy" role very well, and the kids just love him.. :)) And yours truly cut the birthday cake on behalf of all.. Hahaha.. Ooops sorry, just me and Sreejit.. :P

I asked the boys "What do you want to be when you grow up?" They replied "Kami nak jadi tentera.. Tentera darat, laut and udara pun ada".. Hehehe.. Ohh, i did mention that the house is in Subang Bestari, but did i mention anything about TUDM? :P" 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My 1st Online Store :)


Kids Funtime
- Kids DIY Kits Online Store.. :))

Alhamdulillah, my first online store, baru jer operate today.. Hope for the best walaupun for the time being, operate this for fun jer dulu.. Bak kata orang "Test the water first".. Hahaha.. Have no idea why people say that, but in my case, i am so gonna test the water first.. :P

So far so good.. Ramai yang PM my "Sara Ahmad" page, sebab dari dulu asyik post kids DIY projects kat sana.. Actually niat nak buka online store for DIY baru jer terdetik, sebab before this banyak buat untuk anak2 saja.. But bila kawan2 PM tanya "Where to get this, How to do that?", i think good stuff is meant to be shared.. Slowly, my heart opened for a try out, that is to open my own online store and provide the best experience for parents and kids (bonding time) through my stuff.. Not that i made the DIYs (duhh! :P) ofcoz, but i supplied.. :P Chewahhh!

Okay, fingers cross and hope for the best..

Please visit us at - Kids Oh Funtime, and LIKE our Online Store at Kids Funtime! (tak serupa ok?! :P)

Harga berpatutan.. Seriously.. Boleh pengsan.. :)))

Tunggu apa lagi?? Hahahaha..

Okay, i am so bad at promoting my own business.. Hahahaha.. :P

Monday, July 1, 2013

Lil boy.. lil boy!

Aidan's most shocking/ cute question, "Comel tak??"

Ok, not that she asked me whether adik is cute or not, mind the pictures above.. Hehehe.. Well the fact that yesterday we went to a shop behind Jackel Seksyen 7, and when we passed by Jackel, he saw this advertisement/ board of a lady with her hijab on, modelled for Ariani or something..

Suddenly my boy went, "Mummy, comel tak?" I went "Who?" and he said "tuh, tuh, comel tak?" sambil point to that lady.. I laughed real hard, and asked him "Kenapa Aidan tanya macam ni?" and he replied "Comeeeeel nyerrrrrr diaaaaa..." Kekekeke.. Wahhhhhh!

Mi familia.. :)

Dad's son.. :)


These are the pictures taken when we went to Hello Kitty Town..

See the bond? MasyaAllah.. :) Sampai pening daddy after the ride.. Tihihihi..

My home- made Caramel Strawberry Syahdu Merindu!

Inspired by 'Masterchef Malaysia'..

Hahaha.. First and foremost, Congrats to our Celebrity Masterchef winner, Ms Syura, although my bet was for Selina.. :P

Towards the end of the show, i got to admit that they impressed me so much, with how they chose the ingredients, the techniques that they used to prepare the food and ofcoz the presentation on the plates.. I took all into account and picked my favorite.. :) (shhh, not that i followed the show religiously, but Cik Ta is so cute!! Pulak dah! kekekeke)

The food is one thing, the taste is another, but the name that they chose to address their "masterpiece/food" was very funny, that sometimes it just turned us.. ON.. erggg, i mean OFF.. Hehehe..
Okay, you are free to laugh now.. Looking at mine, mine is different as it is sounded so delicious right?? Hahahaha.. :P #beingsarcastic! :P

Okay, this is my home- made Caramel Strawberry Syahdu Merindu.. Lepas makan, sila menangis! Kekeke.. :P

I'll come back to this! :))

Just before bedtime.. :)

I love this pic!

Yes, i have few clearer pics of my kids, but at the office, when i go about looking at old photos, these will simply put a smile on my face..

:)))) See, i am smiling now.. Still smiling.. Erggg, still am.. still.. still smiling..

Okay, let me just click on this EXIT button..

Go! (still SMILING) :P

Kekeke.. Yes, they entertained me when i was folding the clothes.. :P Mind the basket, ya? :P

Princess time with Hessa..

1 for mummy, 1 for her!

Pantun empat kerat.. Tihihi..

"Adik pressed the golden dust out, mummy spread them evenly..

Mummy pressed the golden dust out, adik wiped them off easily..

Mummy went, Ayoyoyo! How can this be??

Adik looked at mummy, and went "What happened, mummy??"

Hahaha.. :P

With Fara Alma and lil Laiqa! :)

Hello Laiqa! You are one adorable girl, MasyaAllah.. :))

Yesterday was fun! I got to meet with my pet sis, Fara Alma and her daughter, Laiqa.. I didn't get the chance to visit them during her confinement, but as i mentioned before, FB is just great at connecting people, and actually through online also we got to meet and get to know each other.. :) From my single, ready to mingle days to now married with 2 kids, we are still the same old person.. :) Same old, same old.. :)

MasyaAllah, just look at her daughter!! Such a cutey pie! My goodness.. The minute i saw her, i was like "Do you want me to contact somebody from Pa&Ma magazine, so that we can have her featured on the cover??" Tihihihi.. Yes, i am planning to do that.. So if you come across this lil girl by the name Laiqa on the cover, please take note that yours truly contribute.. Hahahaha.. :P

I love you Fara.. You are one sweet lil sis that i could ever ask for.. I am so touched to see how you share this special bond with Laiqa, as i remember that you always read my blog on what i shared about Aidan before, and all the special moments that i share with him, and you went "Aaahhh, best nyer sis!" Hahaha.. Now you can enjoy yours! :)) Yes, we share the same thought that being a parent is one thing, but being someone that would leave them with 1001 childhood memories is another.. And let's make it great.. InsyaAllah.. :)

Just like Ibu, she just love camera, and most importantly, the camera loves her.. :)) One cutey pie, seriously, like seriously.. :))