Monday, September 9, 2013

Small get together with fellow neighbors.. :)

Sharleez Az- Zahra.. Pretty as her name.. = Pretty and intelligent.. Ameen.. :)

Look at what i got from Mummy Fina, yes, a new shawl! Love it, i wore to the office today.. Hahaha..

Sloppy lasagna for them.. :)

Alhamdulillah, fellow neighbors selalu tanya, bila boleh datang rumah, and i was like "Laaaa, kena tanya ker?" Hehehe.. So, i came up with a makan2 session, a small one for them.. I invited Kak Normi and family, my friend Ima and family, and Abang Rashdan but Kak Yong wasn't feeling well due to high fever.. And special appearance by my BFF Fina, Afif and little Sharleez! :)

We did not prepare anything that special, but just a pleasant get together with simple dish made by Mr Chef! Yes, hubby just love to cook nowadays, and there was time when i was surprised by him with Chicken Chowder at 12am! Mak aiiii.. Hahahaha.. 

Thank you again guys, for coming, and it was a nice gathering for sure!

With Jibril and Ima.. :)

Congrats on your GAMship Azreen.. You deserve it! :))

Here, 8 of us?? 8?? Yes, 8!! Hello Kak Normi! :)

These are my abang2, and dear kakak in Cahaya.. :)

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