Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Tak tau.. Apa tuh??"

 The day they met Dora.. :)

One fine day..

The kids were watching Dora, and it is part of the program whereby Dora would ask us (at home) on this and that, how to solve that particular challenge she faces during her struggle to go to the Tall Mountain (tihihihi :P), how to count to 10 and count backwards, sing along with her and her pet Boots, and also help her to say "Swiper no Swiping" for 3 times just to chase the fox away.. Full stop!

And on this particular fine morning, as the kids were watching Dora, I heard Dora asked few questions, like "What is this??" and then "Say it with me!", followed by the voices of my kids, and Aidan would for sure be the loudest one.. He was very much excited that he jumped here and there, whereas Hessa just sat still, giving this one weird look towards Aidan who seemed to be under the spell of this dear Dora.. Yes, he was everywhere! :P

Dora asked again.. "What shape is this??" and Aidan yelled "Rectangle!" and then followed by Dora "Yes, Rectangle!".. Aidan laughed as if Dora heard her.. And he was really convinced that Dora heard her, after the second question, where he yelled again "Square!".. I was laughing at him, as he was found to be "inactive" in school (oh my, what???? are you kidding me??).. The funny part was when Dora showed him another shape that my boy had no idea at all.. Dora went "What shape is this??"

Aidan stopped from jumping, looked at the screen, he was out of words, convinced that Dora was waiting for his answer, he then shouted out loud.. "Tak tau, apa tuh??".. Laaaaa, he asked Dora back, ok! Kekekeke.. Then i heard Dora said "Yes, Diamond!".. Aidan laughed and said "Diamond pulakkkkk!" Kekekeke..

How funny.. Okay, at this pint, mummy was laughing, and crying, laughing again.. Just let me be! Hahahaha.. :P

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