Sunday, August 25, 2013

Aidilfitri at Makn'jang's.. :))

With the hosts, and Pakcik Langkawi.. :))


Just now we went to Makn'jang's for Aidilfitri family gathering, and to bid Kak Sharmina and family good bye as they are going back to England next week.. It's good to see them, and some of Kedah's family members..
Thank you so much for having us Makn'jang! Got to meet up with Kak Sharmina, Simon and family.. Brought the kids few DIY kits as gifts as Kak Sharmina said in England, they prefer to do it from scratch.. She loved them.. Kak Adik and family, Pakcik and Uncle Johnny, Paklong and Maklong, Kak Lisa, sister in law and family, Maksu Ah and Paksu and ofcoz the hosts.. :))
Meriah!! See you guys again next year!! :)))


 Dad . Mak'njang . Pak'njang . Me and Tess . Pakcik

 Dad . Me and baby Eva Rose . Uncle Johnny . Simon . Kak Sharmina

 Me . Kak Lisa . Kak Sharmina . Pakcik

 Me . Kak Zurin

Me . Kak Adik

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