Thursday, August 29, 2013

Aidan's first Merdeka- Raya celebration @ school!


Merdeka Raya!!

I am so happy today that this morning, Aidan looked extremely excited to join his friends @ school for Merdeka Raya Celebration, although masa di rumah he kept on saying 'Pegi school tomorrow jer'.. :) Today, all of them wore their best baju melayu and kurungs, and looked super cute to celebrate it together.. Each brought some food from home (potluck style), and i came up with Mac'n'Cheese and fries for them..Woke up early this morning for sure.. Hehehe.. :)

I just noticed that i did not post Aidan's first day of school here, and i shall do it later.. Yes, i am super busy at the moment, as i am now handling extra tasks at the office.. :) Alhamdulillah.. Still coping though.. :) These are the pictures i took this morning, when i sent him over to school.. My boy, big boy now.. :))

Look at their faces.. One is not sure whether to get excited or not (since at first, he decided to go to school 'tomorrow', and yes, here, everyday he would say 'go to school tomorrow', meaning not today la mummy) hehehe.. And my princess with her pose! Expensive one.. Kekeke.. :P

 I put the food i prepared in this paper bag (:P), and later daddy asked me to write Aidan's name.. So, this little fella demanded for the pen, and decided to write down himself.. So i spelled it out, and he wrote it down.. :))

 See, he was looking outside for his friends and super excited for Raya.. :))

At the age of 3 years and 11 months old.. Yes, my son's "doctor's" handwriting.. Yes, a lot to improve, but baby, there's no competition at all.. I am happy and glad that i can still read it.. Kekeke.. :P Hello Doc! :P

Aidan and his fellow friends.. Yesterday, i asked him to name his friends at his school.. He told me he has a friend.. I asked him the name, and he went "Zahilllll".. Okay, to all his aunties and cousins, you know who he was referring to kan?? And he smiled ala2 malu when i teased him on this.. :P

And girlfriends.. :)))

Love you anak mummy! :))

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