Saturday, August 24, 2013

Congratulations Tini and hubby.. :)

Hessa's new hair cut.. No. 3.. Huh! Can't stand with her eczema and garu2 yang tak henti2.. She is not alone for sure, dad! :)

Beautiful wedding of Tini and hubby.. :)

Today, my family, sisters, nieces, nephews and in law went to a bautiful wedding of my sister's sister in law, Tini.. Congrats Tini! It was a combination of sweet, and elegant with a minimal decor that screams 'Simplicity works!'.. :) I just love the settings, food and door gifts.. :)
Tini looked super sweet in her wedding dress made by her own mom cum designer cum Jarumas owner.. Yes, Jarumas, the one that made one of my wedding dresses too.. How lucky she is, and she got hers for free.. Kekeke.. :)
Congrats again Tini.. I am so happy for you!! :)))

 Door gift . My boy Aidan . King and Queen . Sister LOVE

 King and Queen . My flower girl Nurin . Daddy and princess . Everyone LOVE LOVE

 Flower girl Nurin . Ara Jules LOVE . Food galore . Adik Nurin

Mummy . Ara Jules LOVE and princess . King and Queen . Sister and Niece LOVE LOVE

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