Sunday, January 27, 2013

Congratulations to Ashraf and Syahirah!

Food galore!

Wow! is the right word for today's wedding ceremony that we attended! It was my neighbour's son wedding, mmmmmm, actually my mom's neighbour in Section 7.. So today, off we went to celebrate the two love birds.. :) Ohh, hubby did stop by at SIL's house to visit Harith as he was down with high fever since last week..

My new neighbour has a restaurant in Shah Alam.. So, you can imagine the food that they prepared for today's occasion right?? My goodness! From nasi with kampung lauk pauk, to nasi ulam, to nasi beriani, to kuey teow goreng, to pasembor, with some kueh mueh, ice cream, cendol, etc2.. :)) Alhamdulillah.. Hehehehe.. :)) I was so amazed with some of the lauk pauk they had there.. Psssst, i came across petai ok?? :P Hehehehe.. Best kan? :)

So yes, the settings for today's event pun sangat cantik.. I love the theme and the color, and the decorations at the food stations.. They have few stations for you to visit and each station serve you with different dishes.. Nice!!! :)))

Okie dokie, pics time!

Congrats again to the bride and groom.. :))

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