Saturday, January 19, 2013

Our own Stuffed Bunny!

Meet Mr Elephant! :P

Yes, the name is Mr Elephant.. Pfffttt! Don't ask me why?? Ask Aidan! :P

So, today we came up with our own stuffed bunny, using adik's baby legging, some cottons, getah, double sided tape, 2 cute kids, and yes, an Ipod! :( Kuang3.. i left my camera at Opah's.. Huhuhu.. :P

What a great way to enjoy my Sunday with my kids.. They were so excited, that Aidan even left his Minecraft just to be part of our DIY activity.. He went jom, buat cake mummy! Nope, for sure not a cake today, darling.. We gonna make something even special.. We gonna make a bunny! And he went 'Oh yes!' - without even know exactly what we actually gonna do.. Hehehe.. That's my son, eventhough tak sure lagi apa nak buat, but he somehow know that it's gonna be fun! :)

As for Hessa, this girl terus cakap, ohhh, adik punya! Since we used her baby busha legging, terus she claimed that the bunny is hers.. Hahaha.. She helped a lot, putting bunny's eyes at the wrong place and all.. Hahahaha!! Fun fun fun, with them!!! :)

Pictures time!

What we need..

Helping out.. :)

Almost there.. :)

Good job, anak2 mummy.. :))


 Happy faces that i love!!

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