Friday, January 18, 2013

Such a big girl now..

Oh my baby Hessa.. She is definitely quite a chatter.. My goodness! :))

With her:

One morning, when i was busying myself getting ready to the office, my baby girl was busy too, playing with this and that, later she accidently pushed the iron board, and iron pun jatuh la kan.. Iron tak panas, but i ran towards her, although i know that the iron board jatuh the other side, and she went..

Hessa: Huh, huh mummy, Nashib bek.. (Nasib baikkk)
Mummy: *mad mode but i rasa nak tergelak pun ada.. Hai la anak.. Hmmmm..

This morning, lepas i combed her hair, then she decided to do mine.. Siap nak buat pony tail untuk mummy.. I told her not to rough sebab rambut mummy pun dah tinggal sikit.. Kekeke.. She went, "Okay mummy, mummy nak cantik?" Kekekeke.. I asked her "Adik tau ker buat macam mana?" She quickly said "Tau, mummy sakit?" sebab she was grabbing my hair nak buat pony tail.. My oh my, our conversation is getting longer now.. Yeahhh! She understood things very well now.. Alhamdulillah adik.. :))

The best part was few days ago.. In the car, she was arguing with Aidan, and Aidan terus cakap "Adik, no tv, no cartoon, no Ipod, no block, no zombie.. bla3.." and this little girl, buat muka selamba jer, tak pandang Aidan, and she suddenly said "Aidan, no Ipad!".. Aidan terus tak puas hati and macam nak nangis, adding "Adik no game, no main, no mummy, no cartoon, bla3.." and she ignored him again, tengok tempat lain and said "Aidan no Ipad!".. Terus Aidan gelabah, tak puas hati, nak nangis and all.. Hahaha.. Adik just knew she just had to say that.. No need to say anything else.. Dah menang.. Kekeke.. Not that we have Ipad, but Aidan loves Ipad more than anything else.. Kekeke.. :P

When she becomes a little bit agrresive, and terpukul and what not, she would sometimes say "Okay2, ngan nangis.. Sowwy2".. Hehehehe.. :P and sometimes she added "Aidan buat???".. Aiiiikkkk! kekekeke.. :P

Opah laughed just now, when i was applying lotion on her, and asked her "Adik nak makan apa malam ni?" She said "Nak makan".. "Adik nak makan apa?".. She answered, "Nak makan kedai!".. kekeke.. Maksudnya nak makan kat kedai.. Amboi.. Anak sapa la ni yek?? :P Yer, kedai is his fav place, kalau mummy nak turun kejap pegi kedai pun she would ask, "Mummy nak pegi kedai, adik ikut boyehhh??" Hihihi.. Mestilah TAK BOLEH! kekeke.. :P Boleh.. :P

Oh my Hessa.. You're such a big girl now.. Mummy suka! :)))

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