Sunday, April 21, 2013

3 little birds!! :)

At Opah's..

Last Friday, we went to Opah's and spent a night there.. Daddy had something to do that evening, so i decided to bring some Art and Crafts project for the kids.. :)

Nurin and Haikal were there too, since Cik Ha and Uncle Jo went to London.. We had a great time together.. And with Mamat around to help out, sangatlah lega.. hehehe.. :) Thank you Mamat! Malam, McD time for him and Nasi RM4 for Amjad.. Yes, no McD for Amjad, and don't ask me why.. hehehe.. :P

Okie dokie..

Fun time, with Achu and Mamat!! :))

 Hessa was so focus that he kept on telling Mamat not to disturb her.. She went "Mamat, jangan kacau adik!" kekeke.. :P

 All muncung one for sure.. :)) Hi Mamat!! :P

 Kids, with their own Bird Puppet.. :)

Tadaaaa!! 1 set, RM 2.50.. and 1 set = 3 birds!! Cool!!! :))

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