Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I shall remember this for the rest of my life.. :)

Picture taken when we were on the way back from the clinic.. Shhhh, my baby just fell asleep..

My darling baby Anya.. :)

Yes, this entry is about my baby darling, Hessa.. :) Back pain, and Bed bugs!

Well, i have been suffering from crazy lower back pain for few days now, and have to force myself to proceed with my daily routine, no matter what.. And at night, it's payback time for my back.. I can't even sleep well.. I had to adjust my position yang serba tak kena, sapulah minyak panas and what not to relieve the pain.. Sakitnya, Ya Allah, Tuhan saja yang tahu..

I still have to see my Doc at Chiropractic First later.. My second meet up is still on.. Hmm, glad that i went there last time, and got to snap few pics for my blog, ended up dapat share the information with my Country Manager, Mr Sreejit! He has been suffering from the same thing for months now, on and off.. Hmmm, that sounded so familiar! My goodness! Kennametalian and backpain are great friends! Hahaha..

Ok, so this story is about my Tess.. Last 2 nights, when i laid down to sleep, i was whining about my back, and she came to me with her pity face, and asked me "Mummy sakit?".. I answered her, saying "Yes mummy sakit", adik jangan nakal2 tau.. She answered "Yer.."

The next thing i heard she said this "Mummy, come adik" and she tapped on her laps as a signal.. I was smiling widely to see her, again, the face, my goodness, i can eat her face.. Hehehe.. So i made my way to her, and put my head on her laps.. She told her abang to keep it down, and kept on saying "Sian mummy.." Okay, at this point, i was crying so hard inside.. Ya Allah, i was so touched.. She pat me on the back, and sometimes massage me (her way ofcoz).. I asked her whether she knew what she was doing, and she said "Yer, adik tau.. Mummy jom!" Asked me to go downstairs.. I wondered why?

She insisted for me to follow her and i heard she mentioned something about "ubat".. So, i forced myself to follow her, just to get some ideas of what my lil girl had in mind.. Hehehe.. Gigih mummy kan?? Kekeke.. So as we reached downstairs, Aidan ran and follow (takut la tuh duduk sorang2 kat atas).. She pushed her stool towards me, and asked me to seat on it.. So i sat, and she grabbed her t shirt (yang mummy baru jer basuh, and dah pun lipat, ayoyoyo!) on the sofa, and she said "Come, adik wash mummy.." She was so gentle at all time.. No air pun, but berlakon macam ada air.. Hehehe.. Aidan was laughing, looking at adik since he found it awkward to see adik acted like that.. As for me, i was all on Cloud 9 with her.. My baby girl, how sweet of you.. :)

She then suggested for ubat, and i convinced her that i had my medication already.. and she said, "jom naik".. "Mummy go tido" Yes, it was beyond my expectation, as she was still a baby, and now she was asking her sick mom to go to bed.. :(( As i reached my bed, she came to me, touched my face, and she told her abang, "Sian mummy, mummy sakit.." Okay, at this point, i was praying so hard for my kids, semoga Allah berkati anak2 mummy, permudahkan segala urusan anak2 mummy di dunia dan di akhirat, sampai nangis2.. Hahaha.. Malu jer mummy tau.. :P But i guess she did all the things that i would do for her when she was having fever/flu.. :))

And nak jadi cerita, tengah2 malam mummy terjaga.. Hessa slept next to me.. Punya dok belek anak sorang tuh, i saw some red spots here and there on her arms, tummy, face, and i was horrified! Cepat2 bangun, and my little girl dah start garu2 sambil tido.. No, not eczema, but something else.. Hmmm, my first thought 'bed bugs'! Hurriedly we brought her to the nearest clinic, and thank God ada satu closest to SPK.. There we were, at 12 midnight.. Got to see the doc, and she helped Hessa to sooth the itchiness on her body using this 1 med liquid.. I was so relieved, and my baby girl did not cry at all.. Perhaps sebab Hessa too rasa gatal2 sangat, she just let the doc did whatever she thought necessary..

Later, daddy went about to buy something for supper, and as we were waiting for him in the car, i told my baby girl "Ingat tak tadi adik jaga mummy, masa mummy sakit tadi?? Now, mummy jaga adik plak, ok?" She did not smile at all, but slowly, she took her hands up and touched my face.. :( Oh my baby girl.. Sayang sangat.. :) That sums up a perfect 'Back pain' memory for mummy.. Hehehe..

Love Tess and Dan!

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