Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Finally.. Our Art masterpieces and handcrafts coffee table book - Part 1! will become a REALITY!!

How cute!! Not ours, but sooo cute!!

Yeepee yay yay!! :))

Yes, finally, we have quite a few arts and handcrafts works that we can compile and send for printing, to make ourselves, our first edition of  " Aidan and Hessa's Art Time! with mummy.." Coffee Table Book!

It has become my dream to have them printed as per below's pictures.. Oh my, how awesome is that!!

I started all these Arty- Party ( :P ) activities since Aidan was still a baby.. And ofcoz this first edition of our book is more to all activities that i did with them.. Since they were still small when i started off everything.. And my next dream is to have their own Coffee Table Book, mostly with their paintings and just a little of Art activities with mummy.. Oh my, talking about this, i just can't wait to see it, for real! :P Yes, still compiling all, and i guess our first edition will be colorful indeed! Yeepee! With Aidan's baby stuff that i made by myself, to his Spongebob party thingy, to their Fruits Stall that i never thought people would love it, and featured in Pa and Ma's magazine, :P adik's puppets and all!! :))

Oh my, i just can't wait.. I shall post our first edition here!!

Yeahhhh!! Super excited that i can say this in 1 breath!


Hahahaha! :P

Some of the pics taken on the web! See, i say thank you to them! :P Awesome all!!

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