Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wawa and Hessa's small Masterchef class, with Che che Bella! :))

Hessa and what she loves best!! :))) Hi Wawito!! :))

Hi all,

Yesterday was such a fun day for us.. Since daddy is in Jakarta, we decided to stay at Opah's and already planned out what we should be doing, while there.. Oh yes!! We decided to come up with a "Bruschetta session" with our loved ones!! :))))

Yes, pagi2 lagi mummy, Mamat and the 2 of us pegi Giant, and it was such a fun trip as both of us drove them crazy.. Hehehehe.. But anyway, we got what we wanted, got home on time, and prepared whatever necessary to make our "Bruschetta session" a successful one.. :P In order to make sure that the kids behave well, mummy decided to let adik and Wawa made their own Masterpieces, using Gardenia Bread and Nuttella.. Yummy! :)) Thanks Bella for helping!!

As for the rest of us, we got to chit chat, made fun of one another, and got ourselves some Chicken Bruschetta.. Yes, although it took us quite some time just to prepare them, it was all worth it, to be having the nephews and niecs at Opah's.. :)) Blame Mamat, nak potong ayam pun makan 8 jam.. hahahaha.. :P To Abang Bahim, please join us next time, kay?? :))

So, yes, i will post the pics here, of all the "kids" that were in the kitchen yesterday.. Chaos for sure!! Hehehe..

 Wawa and her house with Stars and Flowers.. :))

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