Sunday, April 21, 2013

At Arif and Zara's Cukur Jambul and Little Mermaid Party.. :)

Little Mermaid theme birthday party.. :)

Hello Arif! Hi Zara!

How we spent our Sunday.. 2 events, Cukur Jambul Ceremony and Little Mermaid party, and also a wedding!! :) So, Happy Birthday again Zara, and Congrats Kak Emma and Farah.. Yes, both sisters got hitched today!! Yeahh.. :))

Some pics of how we spent our day today.. :) Yes, the event went so well, with amazing decorations by TWF, themselves!! Lucky kids, mummy is a party planner.. :P Hehehe..

Oh, got to meet up Ateh and Kedah's family too.. They came to visit my MIL.. Had a great chatting sessions with dear Kak Ani and Kak Ijan, sharing their experiences in Mecca.. Oh my, nak sangat buat Umrah and Haji.. Nak sangat2.. :))

 Baby Arif.. Cukur jambul for him.. :)

 Birthday girl, Zara!

The 4 of us.. :)

With Farhana, and Aunty Evie.. :)

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