Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Create time!

Woof woof!! Toing toing!!

Hey, look at our latest Art project!

We found so many art 'Create Time' supplies at a very cheap price..! Hooray!! This one is RM2.90 per box.. And we made ourselves a puppet! Okay, 2 boxes, 2 puppets!! :P A puppy for Aidan and a rabbit for lil Hessa! :)) Suka jer the kids!

Due to that, we have many more activities to share here! Can't wait for our weekend- get - together- with - mummy time! :)) What's next??

How cute! Adik's rabbit kinda funny! I helped with the base, here and there ofcoz.. :)

Look at that, we picked puppy and rabbit.. :)) Yes, RM 2.90, please enlarge! :P

Yes, tiba2 jer ada sudip.. hehehe.. Yer, you can find it in the box too.. :)) Actually i came across DIY puppet macam ni gak, di The Curve, 4 puppets like this (DIY) and a box that you can turn it into a puppet table for puppet's show, at RM180.. Yes, no kidding!

Lepas buat, kids insisted for a pic.. No worries dear.. For sure mummy take pictures untuk kenangan.. :)) Good job! :)

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