Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kids' One Malaysia Car! :P

Our DIY last night.. Kids own ride!

Using none other than 1 big box (suitable for 2 :P), colored papers, glue, and few others, we made ourselves a ride! A car!! I asked Aidan what he wanted, a car or an aeroplane, and he took quite a while to make up his mind, saying "Car lah, mummy!".. Okay, a car then.. :)

They were so excited over this project, and yes, this project is the biggest we had so far (with the kids involved ofcoz).. Usually our projects would take around 20 minutes to finish, so kids had no time to feel restless and what not, but this one, i asked them to help me during the earlier process and later i proceed on my own.. Kids naik atas, tengok tv kay?? :P

It is 85% completed now, with no details and decorations made just yet.. Tunggulah malam nanti pulak.. :) yes, this is our One Malaysia Car! :P

I covered the box with papers first (inside and out), so that Hessa too can enjoy playing with Aidan.. :))

Yeahhhh! Love this project so much!

Priceless expression from Hessa, she went "Okay mummy??" It was like she asked me "Okay mummy, what should we do now, and where to start?" Kekeke.. Yes, she was that serious about our project last night.. Hehehe.. :P

Look at Aidan, yes, he was all up for the challenge.. :)

Yes, not yet complete.. As it took us like forever to put everything together.. Ok lah kan, at least ada something to do tonight with the kids.. Hehehe.. :P

They went "Woooooo!!! Woooooo!!"

Happy kids, happy mummy??

Happy childhood! :)

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