Monday, February 11, 2013

Cyberview Lodge Getaway..

Beautiful indeed..

CNY yearly getaway..

This is me, Hessa..
We just got back from Cyberview Lodge, Cyberjaya with KJ family.. We stayed there for 2 nights.. It's our Tokba's favorite hideaway every CNY, but this time, we had to stay in the rooms closer to the swimming pool.. Well, usually we got to stay by the lake, whereby Tokba would spend most of his time, fishing.. :)
I got to meet and spend time with my cousins.. Aidan and the boys were all about gadgets, and me and my girls, we were everywhere.. Hehehe.. Daddy and mummy brought me to the pool, but i couldn't stand the water.. It was freezing cold, that mummy suggested for me to stay with her and wait for our Aidan who enjoyed playing in the swimming pool so much! Oh my, if only i could bear it. Hehehe..
Mummy brought a surprise for the boys, yes, "Art Time" with mummy! Mummy said she would love for us to do a lot of activities while there, rather than spending so much time playing I-Pod.. Yup, we brought a lot of toys and games with us, but mummy changed her mind, since we would for sure make a lot of noise, and jumping here and there, and that Tokba and Tokma might not be able to really enjoy their holiday.. For sure they want to rest.. So, mummy only proceed with "Art Time" with them! :)
Oh, today we went to Putrajaya too.. Only the 4 of us.. We went to Souq, Putrajaya.. Later mummy will upload the pics.. And yes, pics of me and adik, as mummy's junior golfers.. Yes, we went to Wully's Golf Shack, and played few rounds of golf there.. Awesome!! :))

Okie dokie, pictures time! Bye!!

This is me and my mummy, on our way to Cyberview Lodge.. See you, everybody!!

I love my Barbie doll, and it's great to share our toys with my cousins..

Day 2 - Good morning all.. Jom breakfast!

Happy Aidan, and 'scared' me.. :P

Their Art project.. :) Aidan's is Car, Abang's is Aeroplane and Aniq's is Fish.. Tokma said Aidan's is 'Belemoih', Kedah word for Comot.. :P Mummy jer faham sebab mummy pun orang Kedah.. Tihihi..

I brought Betty for a stroll too.. Jom Betty! :)

Day 3 : Putrajaya, here we come! :P

Some of the pics that mummy took after a great breakfast.. :)

See ya again, Cyberview.. Home sweet home, now! *Yawnnnn! ZzzzZzzzzzZzz..

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