Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The one that brightens up our home, our Anya!

Taken from my FB status: Good Monday morning to all.. Otw to the office, kids were having their milk, when aidan decided to inject some humor, just to entertain us?? :p Look, no hands!! :p The funny part is that he closed his eyes at all times.. Hihihi.. Have a nice day all!

This is a strory about a girl, named Anya Hessa..

At the age of 1 year and 11 months old, she is indeed a cheeky girl! She talks a lot (credit to mummy, hahaha), loves to dress up, loves to immitate others, knows exactly how to espress her love and feelings, loves to be cuddled, would laugh out loud whenever she is in her best mood to play, would scream and shout whenever she feels like it (close your ears guys), and definitely knows how to win your heart with her simple, sweet gesture (like suddenly she would come to you, hug you and give you her super duper big hug- her so called LOVE HUG!) Awwwww!! :))

She is definitely a funny girl too.. You might come across her, dancing to Oppa Gangnam Style, with both hands crossed (yup, had know clue how she knows this.. :P), talking to herself while playing alone (yes, she talks to herself, no imaginary friends, i know, i seat close to her.. hehehe.. :P), singing from one song to another like she knows the lyrics and that she sings them right (:P kekeke), and she would be very protective towards me when i pretend to cry because Aidan becomes too active (:P she went, Aidan nihhhhh!!! Dah, dah, dah mummy.. and pat me at teh back.. kekeke)

So the latest of her is that, kalau dulu selalu jer kena buli dengan Aidan, this time around, both me and hubby memang kena pantau dulu, who started the drama first.. Dulu kalau main2 and ada yang menangis, memang dua2 kena lecture, and kalau jadi depan mata, boleh la nak marah kat salah sorang, and now, depan belakang pun kena tengok dulu saper yang start.. Sebab Hessa pun dah pandai dah nak stand for her rights.. Kekeke.. Sometimes, adik pun suka provoke! :P

Last night, as we were watching tv the four of us, adik decided to play Ipod, and since Aidan pun macam takder mood nak layan apa2 pun (kes tertidur dalam kete otw balik rumah, and baru bangun, nak layan perasaan :P), he just let her be.. Hessa plak dah nampak abang relax jer, asyik tolak2 kaki ke arah abang.. We saw that, and cepat2 suruh Hessa stop.. Aidan boleh lagi tengok ajer.. Takder mood nak layan adik! And suddenly Hessa tertekan this one app - The Talking Tom, and start lah cakap macam2.. Cakap pasal daddy la, pasal baju tido lah, pasal macam2.. And then, tiba2, we heard this.. "Aidan butukk!" Aiyakkk, she said "Aidan busuk!" :P Ayoyoyo, suka lah provoke.. Hubby and I were giggling, and fear that Aidan would bangun and scold her, i quickly looked at him, and pretended to laugh at adik's joke.. Yes, and Aidan pun ketawa.. "Adik funny!".. Huh, lega!.. Yer, it took her few times gak saying that, baru nak stop.. Haiii lah anak! :P Nasib baik abang takder mood sangat.. :P

Ohhhh, something about my Aidan.. Nak abaq mai, anak mummy nih, cakap Kedah no.. Semalam dia kata, "Mummy, tolong telinga Aidan sat!" Yer, suruh tengok telinga dia jap, and sebab mummy lambat sikit, he went "Mummy, mai la!" kekeke.. Pastu he added "Daddy, pi amik sat yang telinga Aidan tuh, boleh? Yang macam ni ni.. " Yes, minta tolong daddy ambil ear drop dia.. Suka orang bersihkan telinga sebab dia boleh layan tido.. Kekeke.. Okay, confirm anak saya yang pelat Kedah kow2 tuh.. Hehehe..

But the thing about him that i love the most is that sometimes he express his love in a way that i never thought a 3 year old would even think.. When i sleep on the mattress with no pillow, sometimes he would wake me up and hand me my pillow.. There's this one time, he lifted my head and pushed it (ok, sebab 3 tahun, what to expect, ofcoz kasar sikit :P) on the pillow.. Oh my! *Happy tears! I must have done something right.. Alhamdulillah..

p/s: My goodness, next month Hessa turns 2!! To all Doc McStuffins fans, wait for our entry on "Hessa turns 2!" Yeahhhhhh!

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