Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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Doc McStuffins : Anya Hessa's 2nd Birthday Party Theme..

Hessa loves it! She just love the whole Doc McStuffins ideas.. :))

Last 2 nights, as the 3 of us were browsing for the perfect birthday cake, i asked Hessa to choose her favorite birthday theme, from Dora, Mickey Mouse, Tayo and what not, and we agreed on this! Doc Mcstuffins.. Actually dah lama juga i decided for this theme, since Hessa loves Doc Mcstuffins.. And last 2 days, she confirmed by saying "Mummy, adik nak cake Mctaffin, boyeh??!".. Cute! Aunty Wirda, harap maklum! :P.. - Mangotouch Delight!

Aidan terus excited to pick his, but birthday nun jauh lagi, bulan September.. Layan kan aje, since i told him that adik's birthday dah dekat, Aidan nyer lambat lagi tau.. And he went "Yer.. Takper.." Guess what he picked?? Yes, he picked Minecraft! Alamak, camner nak bagi cantik cake Minecraft ni?? :P

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