Monday, July 15, 2013

It's time for Super Mario!! :) Yes, it's time for planning.. :P

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I am one excited mom for my little boy, who is turning 4 in September.. :) He has been talking about his Super Mario Birthday Party like forever! :) From one theme to another, and both of us agree that this is just perfect! :) Well, no color code and all.. Super Mario is all about bright and playful colors!! :) Yeepee!

So looking at most of his stuff at home, and his own Mario Collections, we have started planning on this and that, and it was such a great respond from him when he said this "Nanti Aidan help mummy kemas rumah.. Tapi "takyah" beli balloon, nanti pecah.." Hehehe.. Comel!

Birthday planner cap, ON!

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