Friday, July 5, 2013

Rumah Amal Kasih Bestari..

Kennametal Charity Event..

Okay, firstly i would like to mention here that this post is not something for me to boast, show off or what.. Basically, this charity event is one of the KMT events we would like to have every year, starting this year.. Back on what your intention is, and my entry here is to urge all to contribute and to help those in needs through charity..

We chose Rumah Amal Kasih Bestari (please google first and get as much information as possible on the house, so that you can get to know more about the needs, importance and other stuff too).. This house is located in Subang Bestari and they have like 15 kids there.. Most of them are primary school kids, and 2 secondary school girls..

From my findings yesterday, all of them still have their own parents, but they were sent to the house due to poverty.. They are under the guidance of Ustazah Zuraida and her husband- with 2 of their young kids.. The house is quite small for the numbers, but since the kids are still small, it is still manageable, but i think as the kids grow big, they might need to move to a larger house..

I am so happy to be there yesterday, and we even brought a cake to celebrate all KMT's stuff birthday that fell between January to June 2013 this year.. :) So, i am one of the celebrated stuff.. Happy Birthday to me! :P Kekeke..

Okie dokie.. Some of the pics that we took yesterday..

Yes, it was raining heavily when we arrived there.. Look at the pic (right, above), the kids school uniforms were all wet.. Somebody should have ran and brought them in.. Hmmmm.. Below, Ustazah showed us the study area that was also wet, since the area is open area.. But SOME of the books were kept there.. Hmmmm.. A lot of things went through my mind.. Yes, the house is small.. :(

 This is another study area.. You can see the painted wall and more organized book shelf contributed by a group or bloggers.. As i was told.. :)

 After the rain stopped, the kids went on cleaning the area, so that they could do their homework there later.. :(

 Mr Tan played his "daddy" role very well, and the kids just love him.. :)) And yours truly cut the birthday cake on behalf of all.. Hahaha.. Ooops sorry, just me and Sreejit.. :P

I asked the boys "What do you want to be when you grow up?" They replied "Kami nak jadi tentera.. Tentera darat, laut and udara pun ada".. Hehehe.. Ohh, i did mention that the house is in Subang Bestari, but did i mention anything about TUDM? :P" 

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