Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My 1st Online Store :)


Kids Funtime
- Kids DIY Kits Online Store.. :))

Alhamdulillah, my first online store, baru jer operate today.. Hope for the best walaupun for the time being, operate this for fun jer dulu.. Bak kata orang "Test the water first".. Hahaha.. Have no idea why people say that, but in my case, i am so gonna test the water first.. :P

So far so good.. Ramai yang PM my "Sara Ahmad" page, sebab dari dulu asyik post kids DIY projects kat sana.. Actually niat nak buka online store for DIY baru jer terdetik, sebab before this banyak buat untuk anak2 saja.. But bila kawan2 PM tanya "Where to get this, How to do that?", i think good stuff is meant to be shared.. Slowly, my heart opened for a try out, that is to open my own online store and provide the best experience for parents and kids (bonding time) through my stuff.. Not that i made the DIYs (duhh! :P) ofcoz, but i supplied.. :P Chewahhh!

Okay, fingers cross and hope for the best..

Please visit us at - Kids Oh Funtime, and LIKE our Online Store at Kids Funtime! (tak serupa ok?! :P)

Harga berpatutan.. Seriously.. Boleh pengsan.. :)))

Tunggu apa lagi?? Hahahaha..

Okay, i am so bad at promoting my own business.. Hahahaha.. :P

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