Monday, July 1, 2013

Lil boy.. lil boy!

Aidan's most shocking/ cute question, "Comel tak??"

Ok, not that she asked me whether adik is cute or not, mind the pictures above.. Hehehe.. Well the fact that yesterday we went to a shop behind Jackel Seksyen 7, and when we passed by Jackel, he saw this advertisement/ board of a lady with her hijab on, modelled for Ariani or something..

Suddenly my boy went, "Mummy, comel tak?" I went "Who?" and he said "tuh, tuh, comel tak?" sambil point to that lady.. I laughed real hard, and asked him "Kenapa Aidan tanya macam ni?" and he replied "Comeeeeel nyerrrrrr diaaaaa..." Kekekeke.. Wahhhhhh!

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