Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Iftar - Homemade dishes.. :)

Rosemary Chicken.. :)

Chef Khairi in da' house!

Hubby's hobby is actually cooking.. He loves it, especially when he feels like experimenting on new dishes, name it the one he saw online/ tv or simply his own imgination.. :) So last weekend, he made THESE.. I helped ofcoz but everything was determined by him, from the ingredients, the tastes, the looks, everything!

So these are our home- made Rosemary Chicken and Shepherd's Pie.. :) A job well done to daddy for these incredible (chewah! :P) dishes.. They turned out great although we had no chance to taste them, ofcoz! :) Alhamdulillah, everyone loved them! My mom even asked me how our chef prepared the dishes, and i guess we would be having Opah's version real soon.. Hehehe.. :)

To Ara and family, thanks for the Chocolate Biscuit!! Sedap sangat.. :))

I really want 1 more round of this pie this weekend.. Pweshhh dad!! :)

Yums!! This one too.. Please Ara!! :))

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