Monday, July 1, 2013

With Fara Alma and lil Laiqa! :)

Hello Laiqa! You are one adorable girl, MasyaAllah.. :))

Yesterday was fun! I got to meet with my pet sis, Fara Alma and her daughter, Laiqa.. I didn't get the chance to visit them during her confinement, but as i mentioned before, FB is just great at connecting people, and actually through online also we got to meet and get to know each other.. :) From my single, ready to mingle days to now married with 2 kids, we are still the same old person.. :) Same old, same old.. :)

MasyaAllah, just look at her daughter!! Such a cutey pie! My goodness.. The minute i saw her, i was like "Do you want me to contact somebody from Pa&Ma magazine, so that we can have her featured on the cover??" Tihihihi.. Yes, i am planning to do that.. So if you come across this lil girl by the name Laiqa on the cover, please take note that yours truly contribute.. Hahahaha.. :P

I love you Fara.. You are one sweet lil sis that i could ever ask for.. I am so touched to see how you share this special bond with Laiqa, as i remember that you always read my blog on what i shared about Aidan before, and all the special moments that i share with him, and you went "Aaahhh, best nyer sis!" Hahaha.. Now you can enjoy yours! :)) Yes, we share the same thought that being a parent is one thing, but being someone that would leave them with 1001 childhood memories is another.. And let's make it great.. InsyaAllah.. :)

Just like Ibu, she just love camera, and most importantly, the camera loves her.. :)) One cutey pie, seriously, like seriously.. :))

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