Sunday, May 12, 2013

Motherhood is simply awesome with you.. :))

Mi familia! :)

Yes it is!

But ofcoz there are days that i feel like i need to just walk into my room, shut the door and give myself 10- 15 minutes, yeah again, just for myself..  Especially when both of my kiddos find interest in/at one thing, and dua2 tak nak mengalah.. Hehehe.. 

Bab menangis for attention, is not a new thing for me, and sometimes both of them cry for no valid reasons.. Well, asam garam jadi a mother, is like that.. We just have to deal with everything when it comes to kids.. I am learning too from you kids, and most of them is to learn to be patient! :P

Other than that, i truly enjoy my Motherhood.. :)

Thanks to you!! :))

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