Friday, May 3, 2013

What i got for Wawito! :)

Wawa and her Art Crafts.. Tiba2 ada baby Ilyas with his COOL Fishy2 Shades.. Amboi! :P

She loves them, i can see that.. :))

Dear Wawa,

It's good to know that we (Achu, Hessa, Nurin and Wawa) share the same interest, and that we love Arts and Art Crafts so much.. :)) Happy Achu to know that you love the Art Crafts i got for you.. :))

Nanti Achu create 1 session lagi for Wawa and others kay?? Perhaps we can do some BIG projects together? By the way, Mother's Day is coming.. Any projects for Mama?? :))

Post it via FB kay?? Letters also can.. Macam surat Wawa to Cheche ke.. Hehehe.. :P

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