Sunday, May 26, 2013

Short, cool getaway! :))

Goal Coast Morib.. :))

It was a great trip for sure, to be able to let the kids, oops sorry, Aidan (since Hessa not really keen to join the rest in the pool) enjoy some fun/ splish splash in the water with his cousins.. :)) He surely had an awesome time there.. When his cousin asked "Aidan nak main apa?" He quickly said "Main pool, and slides!!".. Yes, how he just love Water Slides.. :)

As for Hessa, she cracked me up after few minutes being with us in the pool, saying "Adik tak nak mati.. " Hahahaha.. How funny, and scary at the same time, to hear that.. So daddy decided to stay with Hessa, and let us enjoy our time there.. Farah, Fatin, Sha Sha and Mian, we were just like kids again.. How fun it was.. :)) Thanks.. :))

How to seal the day?? With Chicken Rice and a Karaoke session ofcoz!! Hehehehe.. Terbaekkk!

Peace ya'llll!!

Group shot!! :)

Mummy will catch you, anak mummy!! :)

Uncle Amar, mummy is "meNYUMBANGkan lagu, and meMECAHkan rekod!!" Hahahaha.. :P

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