Thursday, May 2, 2013

On Minecraft!

Macam station minyak pun ada.. Kekeke.. :P Teringat kedai Mesra kot nih.. Hahaha.. Asyik2 "Nak beli kedai..".. :P

Yes, on Minecraft!

I was blown away this morning, after daddy showed me what my son was up to everytime he had his Ipod with him.. My goodnes!! "Are you sure it's not you who did this??" Showing him back what i just saw.. "Seriously, that's him!"..

Well, Aidan has this thing towards activities yang involve buildings, like blocks, lego and whatever he feels like using when he wants to build himself, "Aidan's castle!".. So, i was a proud mom for 2 seconds just now, smiling at him, as he showed me where he built the staircases, and siap with pokok, fountains look-a - like and what not.. Such a very logic landscape too.. Ofcoz there are few buildings that i had no idea where they would lead us, like asyik2 pusing tempat yang sama, but what do u expect from a 3 1/2 year old boy? I expect just a house, not the whole island! Hehehe.. Do not underestimate what their mind can do or can even think.. How wonderful it works.. Masya Allah.. :))

And sometimes when he build something he would ask us to give this WOW expressions.. We have to say this, "Wowwwww, NICE!! Good job Aidan".. If not, he would keep on asking what we think of his work.. Hehehe.. :P

Yes, i am not a big fan of Ipod, i mean, for him ofcoz.. So, i would blame his dad for introducing this to him.. Hahahahaha.. Well, there are few times that i am afraid that he would put so much attention to his Ipod, that he would lose his focus, and whenever we say something to him, we just have to repeat ourselves, and being a mummy, i just don't prefer the idea so much.. So, mummy would turn into a hulk after 2 times asking or saying about the same thing.. Huhuhu..

Well, there are Pros and Cons perhaps of this Ipod thingy.. I don't mind so much on Minecraft actually, but he is soooo into Mario and Super Sonic! Hmmmm.. Guess what, his birthday cake also would be Mario, Super Sonic.. Yer, dah tukar pulak! :P Kekeke..


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