Sunday, May 5, 2013

Chocolate coated apple.. :)

With mixed fruits and peanuts, and also Aidan's fav cereal.. :)

One Saturday morning..

Saturday morning was awesome, to have my boy in the kitchen with me, helping out with our new project.. Our Chocolate coated apple.. :)
Hessa came later, and amazed to see what we just did! She went "Wow, mummy.. Adik punya??".. Errrk!! Yes, ofcoz baby mummy!! :)) Hehehe..
Awesome blossom!!!

Pepared your ingredients accordingly.. Melt the chocolate let it be for a while before coating.. :)

Use what you love best for coating.. Aidan picked his fav, colorful cereal.. :)

Tadaaaaa!!!! :))) Cute and yummy too!!! :))

My Minnie Mouse.. :))) One excited girl.. :)


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