Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Water Balloon Fight!

Warming up in the morning before their water balloon fight session.. Run anak mummy, run!! :)

Kids loving this!!

What a great way to celebrate Labour Day, my 1 day- off from work! We celebrated it with a Water Balloon Fight session at home! Yup, kids woke up, and asked for their weekend's morning activity.. Kalau weekends mesti nak masak2 ker, arts ker, and what not, but this time, since they knew i bought them some water balloons, they insisted for some outdoor activities.. Jom! :)

Yes, it was great to see them experience something new each week, and that priceless smile, and giggle, plus laughter.. oh my.. :))) Aidan even came up to me and said "Thank you, mummy.. Aidan suka balloon ni pecah!" Hehehe.. "No worries, dear".. :)) Luar rumah, boleh.. Not inside the house.. :)

So, yes, that's how we spent our Wednesday morning, before we headed to KJ.. :)))

I couldn't take that many photos as i,  myself went running here and there to 'safe my life'.. As what Aidan said.. Zombie dataang with water balloons!! Wahhhh!!.. Hmmm.. :P

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