Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pia is here! :))

On school break activities.. :))

Pia is my niece, who came all the way from Kedah.. Since my sister and her office mates went to Korea for holiday, and this girl finds I- City to be much more interesting, she decided to stay here, rather than follow her parents.. Hehehe.. Pia.. Pia.. :P

So, my sister asked me to plan something for her, and visiting I- City is one of things in her list.. :P So yeah, after putting on my "Mastermind" Cap, i have few things that i may want to include her in.. Well, let's start with a DIY Tiara first, shall we?? :P

Hahaha, since i have a lot of these at home, i guess for starter, she might gave me 3-4 star for EFFORT.. Hehehe.. :P

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