Monday, May 20, 2013

What we did on Friday night..

We LOVE "Meowwww-inggg" at home.. :P

Conversation between a mother and her son, that only THE mother and THE son understand:

Mummy called Aidan who was at Opah's:

Mummy : Hello?
Aidan : He knew it was me, and went "Meowww?"
Mummy : (smiling alone, oh, it's my son) Meowww!!
Aidan : Meowww meowww, meoww meoww meowww meowwww...
Mummy : Meow.. meow??
Aidan : Meowwwwwww... Meow meow, meow meow fish??? (ohhh, he was asking about his new toy, fish)
Mummy : Meow meow, fish?? Meow dad's car! (Hahahaha.. yes, we brought it along that morning, perhaps daddy forgot to bring it inside Opah's house)
Aidan : Alaaaaaa, meow meow meow meowwww!
Mummy : Hahahaha, meow meow meow..
Aidan : Meowww meoww meowwww, work?? (mummy work?)
Mummy : Meoww meowww meowww, see u!! (yes i am, see you!!

Mummy : Bye Aidan
Aidan : Bye mummy!!

Hahahahahaha, my funny funny little guy!!

Art and Crafts on Kitty Slipper.. :))

Kekekeke.. Funny lil guy!! :P

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