Sunday, June 2, 2013

On KidZania 2013 *School Break :)

For Pia and kids! :)

I know.. I know.. You just read about my plan to bring Pia to ICT and ended up, went to KidZania.. Hehehe.. Well, i told you that i wanted to make my niece, Pia happy as it was her call, not mine.. :P Hahaha.. No lah, Pia wanted to go to ICT, but since I thought i would be even FUN to bring her to KidZania, as she never been there before, so i decided on KidZania.. :) And yes, she loved it to the max!!

So, i TENDERED my AL on Wednesday, told the world that i may not be around via online or at the office, and just had my time, GREAT time actually with my nieces and nephews that i forced, no lah, i asked politely whether they wanted to follow me or not to KidZania?! :P Hehehehe.. So, they agreed and off we went to.. again.. KidZania!! Syoknyer jadi budak2 balik.. How awesome is the place?? You gotta experience it yourself.. As for adult, you may not really enjoy the place (OBVIOUSLY) but for me, some of the places, or to be more specific, the classes there are just BRILLIANT.. Ofcoz to those kids who wanted to collect KidZania money, they would prefer to work, but i just simply can't say 'No', when my little angel asked me whether she could go inside the Painting Class to 'laler'.. "Mesti lah boleh adik, you can go insode and color! But first we need to queue" :P

So after 15 minutes outside the classroom, and that my little girl had shown the signs of restless as she had to wait outside the room, and that she saw the kids inside, happily painting and all, and went "oh my God, with the brush, the colors, nice drawing to paint, and no mummy required there", she just felt miserable aka less patience.. Hehehehe.. The "trainer' came outside to give tickets for the next batch, and we were next in line.. She handed 1 ticket for Pia, 1 ticket for me that i thought i wanted to give to Hessa, and Aidan suddenly decided to join in, and she handed none for adik.. Poor little girl, she was puzzled and starred at the trainer with her jaw opened, like.. "Are you kidding me, Missy???" Hehehe.. :P

So i quickly asked her whether Hessa could join the rest, and she said only for 3 year old kids, and i was like "She is going to be 3! (Next year ofcoz)" and she said "I am so sorry, but i am not allowed to let her in, she is still small and she may not know how to do all these..".. Hmmm, no worries adik, mummy will ask this kakak politely.. So what i did????... I BEGGED!!! Hahahaha.. "Please la adik, she is 2 1/2 year old now (still tak sampai sebenarnyer) and she loves art more than she loves me.. (now, this kakak dah start nak tergelak), and she always practice at home.. I am so sure she will behave well inside.. It's ok, she has her cousin and brother with her, and perhaps you can let her seat near this window so that i can ask her to behave if she fails to be one.. Please adik.. She loves 'laler'".. Hahaha.. Yes, my so called - begging statements did not help, but the word "laler" saved the day.. She smiled and took out 1 ticket for Hessa, and without knowing how hard it was for mummy to get her in, she just left me there, entered the classroom, that suddenly she turned around and made this 1 face like "Why are you not coming?" and i asked Pia to help my little girl to PAY ATTENTION.. "Ohhh, just now you wanted to get inside, and now you gave me this GUILTY face MODE!" Hahahaha..

After that short briefing, everyone scattered to get the best seat, and being just a little girl, with short steps, and a push from Pia for her to get the seat next to the window, she ended up seating like 2-3 stations away from the window, and Pia and Aidan were at the back, seating next to each other.. "Oh my.. my baby girl is alone now, should i just go inside and get her? Hmmm, perhaps i just need to trust her on this.. In fact today is their day, and if she accidently spill the water, especially on her clothes, the worst thing that could happen is that i would just have to throw the clothes away (ofcoz after few trials  to get the stains off, yes Maktam, i remember you mentioned "rendam dalam air panas first") Legend!! Hehehehe..

No shocking, my pure of joy did fantastic, and showed no signs of awkwardness.. As if she is ready for the real Art Class!! How fantastic!! All of us outside were like "Laaa, tengok Hessa.. Hahahaha.. Haaa, adik!" and saw that once in a while Pia would turn her face to see my little girl.. How thoughtful of you Pia.. However, the best part was, when Hessa turned and saw her brother, she went on chattiing with him from her place, and Aidan later came to see adik's work, and after perhaps, a comment or just a "hi adik, buat aper?", he left her and went back to his place.. They continued their painting just like at home.. :)) Funny kids!!

When 15 minutes was up, whether you finished your work or not, you just had to leave the room, and Aidan came with a dissapointing face.. Saying "Aidan tak siap pun lagi.." Hehehehe.. Sambung kat rumah kay?? Sian dia.. :)) As for Hessa, she felt truly satisfied and kept on saying that the painting was her's.. Yes darling, i know.. :))

Sayang nyer.. :)) Pia, hope that you had a great time, anak
sedara achu..!! Love you!!

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