Monday, June 3, 2013

With Kak Lisa..

Where were you Kak Fair??? :P

Yes, the minute i reached Binjai 8 in KL, the first thing that came into my mind was "Where is our Ms Fair??" that later i got to know that she couldn't make it (last minute cancellation) since she had something going on and perhaps the fact that she had to travel all the way from Penang to KL.. She felt really guilty since she was the first one to invite me to this Make Up and Make Over  by Ms Lisa! :P Oh, Kak Lisa is Kak Fair's sister (hubby's cousin, Kedah's side) so, i would for sure support her event any way.. :) Yes, Kak Fair ping me via FB this morning.. Hehehe.. Feeling guilty mehhhh?? :P

Kak Lisa being Kak Lisa, sweet, soft spoken, loving, joyful, and seriously brilliant as well.. Since that was the first time i saw she conducted a presentation, 1 hour went by without anyone feeling sleepy at all.. :)) The girls had a lot of fun, laughing at each other, ask questions, and listen to Kak Lisa, who sometimes would speak in her Kedah dialect that may be only the 2 of us understood.. Hehehe..

Have you ever tried Artistry by Amway? I have tried before when Kak Sham, remember my neighbour with large, beautiful garden in my neighbourhood, the envy of all neigbours!! Hehehehe.. Yes, she introduced me with Artistry, and perhaps it wasn't for me that i ended up having this huge pimple next to my nose, big, huge one!! Hehehe.. But some says, that would be the first reaction when the product works at its best, rejecting dust or anything that clogged the pores and all.. Hmmm, perhaps.. :)))

So Kak Lisa also stressed on that product, E-Spring water, supplements and ended up with a make up and make over session for the girls.. :)) Great and awesome Kak Lisa.. I surely had fun with you, and that was also the very first time that i got to meet up with Fairul, the brother, and he recognized me.. Nasib baik, kalau tak memang akan ada awkward moment since yours truly  memang terlebih friendly bila jumpa rakan sekampung.. Hehehehe.. :P

Kak Lisa also has a spa in Kayu Ara, Bandar Utama.. I still remember when she got me a gift after i got Aidan.. Hehehe.. He gave me 1 FOC post- natal session in Tanamera.. Yes, since it is her own Spa, that would be the best gift i would want from her.. Kekekeke.. But i ended up going for the normal massage since i went there with my MIL and SIL, and this Post Natal Treatment would take hours and i couldn;t let them waiting.. But it was all worth it.. I ended feeling fresh, rejuvenate and calm.. Nice! :))

Thanks Kak Lisa for everything.. :))

With Qim, the owner of Little Ms. Jasmine - Trendy Muslimah Clothingline

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