Wednesday, June 26, 2013

She's here, guys!! Lil' princess is here!! :)

Congrats to my darling, Fina.. and Afif!!

Alhamdulillah.. AllahuAkhbar.. :))

Thank you.. thank you Ya Allah, for blessing my dear friend with Your unconditional love! Don't ask me why i am so emotional now.. The road is sometimes bumpy, but you'll get there, In Syaa Allah.. :))

So, taken from my FB:

Welcoming Fina's baby girl with LOVE.. Salam baby, nanti aunty sampai hospital, kay? I love you already baby girl!! Safina Roses Salleh, and Afif Razak, Congratulations!!

No more jalan2 at night after this, ya? Hahaha.. But kalau datang our house, can!! :P Tihihi..

I am so gonna see you guys tonight!! Hope i can make it on time.. :))

Cute!!! Congrats daddy, baba, ayah, abah, walid, pak, bapa etc2.. Hehehe..

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