Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Adik nak jadi Tokba.."


One night when we were going through some homework/ tracing activities for both, i decided to proceed with a Puppet Class on 'What do you want to be when you grow up? / Occupation' and it was such a joy to tell them stories of each occupation.. :))

Since we have 10 finger puppets, i told them to take 5 each, and being the older one, Aidan took his first choice, and it was a policeman.. :) Mummy dah agak, sebab policeman looked much more cooler than chef! :P So, Hessa went on, took her first choice of a man in a rope, and he went "Ni Tokba, adik nak jadi Tokba!" Alalala.. :))

Next, it was Aidan's turn to pick his second choice, and he took doctor, but Hessa refused to take hers as she claimed that for her to be Tokba would be enough.. Hehehe.. :) Comel jer anak sorang tuh.. Kekeke..

I went about telling stories of each occupation, and now i come to a conclusion that helping sick people and fighting crimes are the coolest job on earth, or should i say, as claimed by Aidan?? Huhuhu.. :P

Fun time!

Adik with her i-miss-Tokba face.. Kesian.. :)

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