Monday, June 3, 2013

Matching! :))

Great Monday!!

Well ok, i just want to post my pictures this morning as i wore matching top and shawl to the office.. Hehehe.. I love it.. This morning some asked me whether i bought these 2 together, or whether they came in set, or did i send it to the tailor and request for it, and simply ask the website that i bought these matching top and shawl from, and none of them is right..

Well, i bought this shawl of mine in Shah Alam, a kiosk i came across, and if i am not mistaken, Shah Alam Mall, for RM10.. And i found this matching top, same pattern and fabric and color, and all, hehehehe, in Setia Alam mall.. So, walla!!

Something different today, ya mate!!! :))

Ok, now, i want to promote my SIL's Neat's newest business.. :)) Yes, she is now into Online Muslimah Fashion.. :) I had no idea about this, until she told me yesterday.. Hehehe.. Sorry Achik.. Yes, she sent me request to "LIKE" this page, and i did that.. However, i had no idea that it was her business -online page..

Please visit : Ze Tremend_US Shop via FB, and make your order now!! :)) Lucky buyer will get to meet up with Ella personally!! Hurry up!! Hehehe.. Okay, KIDDING.. Well, Neat is Ella's biggest fan, tell you!! :))

Good luck achik!!

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