Sunday, June 23, 2013

With Shaferl!! :))

My twinnie winnie girlfriend..

Her name is Shaferrihaiza.. :))

Yes, we have so many similarities, and due to this, when we first saw each other during our UiTm days, we just simply clicked! :) Now that she is in Penang, we had no chance to see each other.. Luckily FB is around to make this friendship works.. :))

So last week, she came to KL, and we planned for a meet up.. Yes, it has been 8 years now.. 8 years!! And we haven't changed a bit.. :)) We still have so many things to share, to laugh about, to make fun with, *sigh, how i miss her already! :))

Why i said we are twinnie winnie?? Yes, both of us are from Alor Setar, she was born on the 25th March, and i was born the next day, on the 26th March (same year, should i reveal it here?? :P), ofcoz we share the same Zodiac sign (Aries!), and due to this, our likes and dislikes are very much the same! We love Arts, Fashion, same song, same taste in many things! :))))

I still remember when i first called her (after years not keeping in touch sebab asyik tukar number, and i bumped into her sister, Pinat) and i got to know that she was a mother of a boy, and i was like, me too!!! And i asked her, "What's your son's name??" "She went Carliff!!" Okay, i laughed into tears, and she had no clue until i told her that my son's name is Khalif! Hehehe.. See!

And then i got to know that she was pregnant again, and this time, it was a girl! She quickly shared this info she got on how to determine whether you are carrying a girl or a boy ( not that we believe it, just for fun ofcoz!) When i got pregnant and i did that test, i too got to know that it could be a girl this time! :)) So both of us were expecting girls.. The funny part of all was when she already got her baby girl's name and i got mine.. The day that she shared her baby girl's name, i was like "Jom hentak kepala sekali!" kekeke.. She named her girl, Lissa, and mine is Hessa.. Hehehe.. Almost the same right?? I mean, we truly think alike, that sometimes it is kinda scary! Hehehe.. :P

Yes, that' me and my girlfriend, Haiza.. One strong lady that i admire the most.. :)) You have my love, thoughts and prayers, friend.. :))

Thank you, thank you for coming and meeting me up (although we spent only hours together, and thank God my replacement holiday fell on that Friday itself!) :)) It was great to see you, Haiza!! You looked super stunning as usual.. :)) We had a great time, reviewing clothes during KLFW - KL Fashion Week @ Pavillion.. Hehehe.. :)) Best2!! Tak kering gusi with you! :)))

Please come again, and next time, please bring the kids with you.. :)) Kisses for Carliff and Lissa!! and say Hi to them from my Khalif and Hessa! Hehehe.. :P

Take care and Love you!!

She must be happy that i have to wear flats nowadays, and that she looked taller in this pic.. Kekeke.. #superhighheels :P , Desserts from Ben's, and what a beautiful dress it is!

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