Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Promoting ZE Tremend-US Shop!

Hi all,

Remember i promoted ZE Tremend-US shop's shawls in my previous entry? Well, now you got to see some of the collections that i bought from them..

They are lovely, with beautiful designs and vibrant colors, extra long (suits my taste), and ofcoz at affordable prices.. :)) You can style them in so many ways, and i just love them! :))

So, above you can see picture of me, in my plain red dress, and as i bought this colorful, sweet shawl from ZE Tremend- US shop, it just completes the whole look.. As the ones i have at home are not that long enough to cover the front part of the dress, and if i were to do that, then i will have problems with the back part.. With this shawl, my problems are solved! I can cover both front and back, since the material of the dress tend to stick to the body.. So, thank you ZE!!

Well, since the design is very2 beautiful, ofcoz i chose to style it this way, just to show off some of the patterns too.. Lovely design.. :))

Below, you can see my shawl for today, from ZE too! Today, i chose to play with Blue and Beige.. I styled it differently at first, and later decided to wear it simple since i just don't like the idea of hiding the beautiful designs and that gorgeous colors.. Lovely design right??

Please visit them fia FB: ZE Tremend_US shop!

Aidan is hooked with me, chewah2.. kekeke.. He decided to join in, but sekerat jer.. Kekeke.. say hello, anak mummy! Hello!!!! :)

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