Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Visit To Petrosains.. :)

Hi all,

How was your weekend?

My weekend was great!! Saturday got to hangout with cousin, Fair Mofadz and family, gotta stay at my mom's that night, gotta bring the kids to Petrosains on Sunday, gotta visit in- laws that evening, gotta go back to our own home sweet home, gotta lazying around with kids before bed time, gotta get up early in the morning and off to the office on a bright Monday morning.. :)) Hehehe..

So yesterday, with my loved ones, we took LRT to KLCC in the morning, spent few hours @ Petrosains, went for a quick lunch, and went back.. It felt really quick as when we were in the LRT, we were counting on the stops/ stations until we reached KJ.. We went "9 stops more", and next "5 stops more".. Hehehe.. It was the kids' second LRT ride, and this time, takder lah adegan nak memanjat atau teruja yang tak henti2 tuh.. Hehehe.. Kids also behaved well, since Atyn was around.. :P Yes, Aidan just couldn't get enough of Atyn.. At one point, i asked him sarcastically, Aidan anak saper? Anak mummy or Atyn, and he answered "Anak Atyn!" kekeke, sambil ketawa.. And this morning, in the car, i asked him "Aidan ni anak saper? Betul ker anak Atyn? Anak mummy ker anak Atyn?" and he went "Anak mummy laaaa.." :P Hehehe..

So, here are some of the pics that we took yesterday.. Enjoy!! :P

This is for my readers, who wish to go there, check out the awesome prices first.. :))

Now, where are Farisha and Imran?? "Shy2" students.. :P

 Waiting for our turn to get in the gondola.. :))

Our first stop.. Look at the kids, amazed with "science".. :P

 You gotta try this!! Far, said hubby and i bercintan cintun even in storm.. Hahahaha.. Funny! :P

Hi Amjad!!

Mummy and baby mummy.. :))

 You can see it, but you can't touch it.. :)) Nice!

 Dino, Aidan takuttttt.. :P

This is so funny kan, Atyn.. kekeke.. The power of mind.. :P

Best!!! :))

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