Friday, June 28, 2013

It is easier now.. :)

Hessa oh Hessa!

Yes, with her, i just need to follow her pace, on everything.. Well, time Aidan different.. Yes, at his own pace juga, but i can sometimes push and he coped, but for Hessa is different.. Yes, she is special.. :P

But nowadays, it is easier for her to tolerate, and somehow she got to do many things on her own.. She can sometimes wear her own clothes (sometimes terbalik, sometimes tak), shoes, comb her own hair, and to make it short, i think if it requires only cold water to prepare her milk, she would end up waking up at 4 in the morning and fix herself one.. Hehehe.. :P

So i remember what people say about Second Child who is much more independent, observant, brave, and more responsible.. But when she stood up and point that Aidan who spilt the water, when i knew it was her, i guess 'being responsible' is too early for her.. Hehehe.. :P

This is my daughter, brushing her own teeth, after yourstruly did 1 round ofcoz.. She can tolerate only if the second round is hers.. So, Nahh la adik, 2,3, 4 round pun ok! Hehehe.. :P

Love you!

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