Monday, June 17, 2013

"Posh Cap"

A black rose pin to complete the look.. :) Nice!

My first "Muslimah Attire"-so-called design.. :P

Old ones are new ones now! Yeahhh!

Hehehe.. Thanks ZARA! :P

See, every night, after i attend to some of my house chores, laundry and stuff, i would spend most of my time....... with my kids! Hahaha.. You expect me to say that i would just seat in my room, looking at the cupboard of my old dresses, is it? :P Hehehe.. Mana lah tau, since the title of my entry today is all about fashion.. Hehehe..

Nahhh, i don't have that many dresses to impress.. Most of my clothes now are my old ones, and i just mix and match this with that, or that one with this.. But ofcoz, once in a while i would treat myself for sure.. :) But this entry is gonna be about my latest project, to transform my ZARA midi dress to a lovely kurung top with matching shawl.. :)) Yes, if i can wear it to the office today, i would say, it is a success..
:P Mind you, i did not design the dress, i just transformed it to a kurung top.. Another design ofcoz.. :)

So this morning, i woke up early, and i saw this dress.. Hmmm, actually dah few nights tengok baju2 lama ni, but sayang nak buang, or sayang biar tak terpakai.. Dah banyak bagi kat orang, kawan2 and even the kids babysitter, but ofcoz i keep some yang ada sentimental value or the ones that are not on sale masa beli tuh.. Hehehe.. Sayangnyer.. Sometimes bila kat rumah, i would wear them, and simpan balik.. Hehehe.. Yes, they are not suitable anymore, since i am now berhijab.. :)

I have put aside dresses or tops yang i can still wear, just that i need to be extra creative about it, and this morning, without wasting more time, i put on my Victoria Beckham's cap, took the scissor, needle and threat, a lot of Bismillah, hehehe, i transformed this MIDI dress of mine, into a kurung top.. :) Since it has some design or pattern in front, i have took it out, attached it on top of the dress, and walla, i got myself an attached shawl, with matching pattern.. :)

It is so easy to style it, as since the shawl is attached to the dress, there will be no peek-a-boo at the back of your neck, and what you need is just a 'ninja' inner (why ninja??? sometimes i wonder :P nevermind!).. :)) You can style it as many ways as you like since the shawl is quite long actually.. Love it!

Oh my, i just love this!! Been thinking of coming up with my own design for Muslimah attire.. Ok tak?? :)) 2 friends been asking me to join them, and i am still contemplating.. But perhaps i should give it a try kan? :)) Tengoklah macam mana, i will update you guys soon! :)) Yeahhhh!

My midi dress - BEFORE VERSION.. I use the pattern infront, attached it to the dress and made myself a shawl.. :))

Love it.. Ok tak?? Hehehehe..

Kalau hajat tercapai, tihihi, i will share about my passion soon! :)))

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