Sunday, March 17, 2013

Meet my Chicas!!

My lovely friends.. How i heart them so so much!! Lynn, Effa, Lina and Feeza!! :)

Hello ladies! :))

Alhamdulillah, today i got to spend my morning with my birthday girl, and since we had car issues, and that adik's party would be on the 30th, we decided to celebrate her with a surprise breakfast only.. Nanti kita celebrate betul2 kay, adik? :)
But then, today i got to see my chicas!! Yeahhh!! Best sangat2!! A lot to catch up.. Masing2 busy now, and with commitments here and there, ofcoz focus and attentions also shifted.. No more lepak2 di Pak Li, no more window shopping like before.. :P Thank you Tokba pinjamkan kete.. :)
We shared almost everything, and not 1 second that we had nothing to say to each other.. Bising satu meja, and the only time yang semua diam was when we were posing for pictures! Hahaha.. Memang geng kitorang suka tangkap gambar! Hahaha.. :)
Thank you so much ladies for the lovely lunch meet up! I shall see ya in 3 weeks time as planned.. Yes! :)) And congratulations my Lina! She is 3 months pregnant and she looked great! Yeepee! :)) Oh how i miss being pregnant! Hehehe.. :P Yes, i truly enjoy my motherhood, truly2 enjoy it! :))

The best part about our meals.. We shared them!! :))

 I just love them to bits!! Sayang.. sayang sangat! :)) Congrats again my dearest Lina.. Can't wait to see your mini you, or mini Hadi.. :)) Yes, she is 3 months pregnant! :))

 Later, birthday girl came and join us! :)) Got her second pressie today! The first one was 'lego-blocks' from Tokba and Tokma.. Thank you!! :)

 And this was the 3rd one.. Adik share ngan mummy!! Dah habis, finished! :P Thank you Aunty Lynn!!
Yes, see ya guys in 3 weeks time! :))

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